Beat the Stress—Before It Gets the Best of You

Don’t let stress run your life. Here are some tips we’ve put together to help you manage your stress levels.

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Insider Tips on Aceing Your Admissions Interviews

What exactly happens during admissions interviews? What can I do to prepare for it? We posed these questions to some of our faculty and students, and here is what they have revealed.

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5 Reasons AI Will Revolutionise Accounting and Why Accountants with Tech Know-how Are in Demand

AI has infiltrated almost every industry, even the accounting sector. But in what ways exactly? SMU Assoc Prof Clarence Goh sheds some light on this and shares why accountants with tech know-how are in high demand.

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5 Ways How SMU Made “A Different Me”

Reminiscing on their time in SMU, alumni Chinkita and Amanda decided to pen down five ways their SMU experience has transformed them. Find out what they are!

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Student Interview Series: Ng Kok Yin, SMU Social Sciences Undergraduate

When Ng Kok Yin heard about SMU’s new Politics, Law & Economics major back in junior college, it seemed like the stars were aligned—even her friends thought the same! The final year student shares what her experience in SMU has been like so far.

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A-Level Results Day: A Game Plan

A-level results day is a nerve-racking experience for both students and parents. But don't fret. Keep calm and let our snappy guide tide you over the highs and lows of it all. No matter the results, there is still a long runway of opportunity to realise your dreams!

One Internship, Many Life Lessons

Nobody enjoys getting criticised, but how you choose to deal with it goes a long way. Tang Yi Qian, shares how the challenges she faced in her internship had, in turn, offered many valuable lessons. Read More