SMU Celebrates Night of Talent at Prinsep Street Residences (PSR) 

Prinsep Street Residences (PSR), SMU’s communal living concept, recently hosted a celebration of talent for its residents. From singing to dancing, discover the PSR spirit showcased at the Prinsep Got Talent.

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Developing a Green Edge: SMU Prepares Accounting Students for the Green Economy

Demand for sustainability know-how in accounting is growing. Discover how SMU is producing future-ready professionals with a sustainability curriculum integrated in the Bachelor of Accountancy programme.

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Shaping Career Success Through SMU’s Insightful Global Experiences

Discover how SMU fosters global experiences that go beyond academics. From internships to community service, exchange programmes and conferences, explore the diverse overseas opportunities SMU put together to shape well-rounded leaders.

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Unlocking Your Full Potential with a Guaranteed Second Major at SMU

In today’s ever-changing job market, possessing cross-functional abilities is crucial. Discover how SMU’s guaranteed second major equips students with the skills they need to stand out professionally.

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10 Reasons Not to Miss SMU Open House 2024

The SMU Open House 2024 is happening on 24 and 25 February. From sample classes and information sessions to exciting student performances and attractive giveaways, here are 10 reasons to join us at the SMU Open House!

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Why I Chose SMU: Economics Undergraduate Sneha Murali  

Sneha Murali
Embark on a journey with Sneha Murali, a final year student at the SMU School of Economics, as she navigates the daunting task of choosing the right university. Join us as we delve into Sneha’s experiences and unravel the reasons why SMU stands out as the ultimate choice for so many students.

Why I Chose SMU: Integrative Studies Undergraduate Roger Chua 

Roger Chua
An SMU Global Impact Scholar, SMU CIS student Roger Chua appreciates the institution's career-oriented focus and dynamic teaching pedagogy. Glean insights as he reflects on his SMU journey and why he believes SMU is the perfect choice for anyone who aspires to be more.

Why I Chose SMU: Accountancy Undergraduate Leigh-Anne Wee 

Leigh-Anne Wee
Leigh-Anne Wee, a final-year Accountancy student, is a self-professed introvert who has benefitted from SMU’s interactive learning pedagogy. Join us as she shares her most memorable moments at SMU and reflects on her decision to choose the university four years ago.

Why I Chose SMU: Social Sciences Undergraduate Putri Eka Mayliani 

Putri Eka Mayliani
With an exchange semester to look forward to in her final year, SMU Social Sciences student Putri Eka Mayliani is living her university dream. Journey alongside her as she unveils the appeal of SMU, shedding light on why this could be your gateway to a fulfilling university experience too.

Why I Chose SMU: Information Systems Undergraduate Sean Lim 

Sean Lim
Delve into the personal journey of Sean Lim, a senior at SMU's School of Computing and Information Systems (SCIS). Gain insights into his transformative experience and learn why SMU could be the ideal choice for aspiring students seeking a holistic education and impactful opportunities.