Student Interview Series: Lim Yee Xien, SMU Economics Undergraduate

Lim Yee Xien is an Economics and Finance double major student who hopes to pursue a career with a positive impact and continue Shooting for the Singapore National Team. She shares more about her SMU experience.

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Picking the University of Your Dreams? Here’s a Tip: Be Negative!

Curious to know how getting negative can actually help you decide on the university of your dreams? Let’s find out.

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What Does It Mean to Have a Personalised Degree?

As consumers, we’re constantly on the hunt for a personalised experience. But can education be customised too? Here are ways a personalised degree can get you ahead.

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Student Interview Series: Merrill Cheong, SMU Business and Social Sciences Undergraduate

In this interview, we speak to SMU Double Degree undergrad Merrill Cheong to find out what his experience at SMU has been like and how he is preparing for his future career plans.

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Trying to Choose a University? Here Are Some People and Resources You Can Turn to for Guidance

Choosing a university and just don’t know where to start? Here are some helpful resources to guide you in identifying the best choice for your undergraduate journey.

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To Cook or to Paint? That is the Question – SOA Engage 2019

The SOA community came together once again for the annual community service event, SOA Engage. Building upon the same spirit as the inaugural 2018 edition, SOA Engage 2019 encompassed two different activity options—Arts Connect @ Bendemeer SAC and Wicked Chef @ Willing Hearts—which were held over five days. Read More