Class of 2020—Graduating into a Recession? Here Are 5 Questions For You to Gain Clarity and Direction

The entire world is bracing itself as we head into a recession from the blow that Covid-19 has dealt us. For the graduating Class of 2020, SMU alumnus Benjamin Loh suggests taking an introspective approach to dealing with the big unknown. He shares some golden questions to get you started.

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Project Y to Z: Hindsight 20/20 from the Class of 2008 to the Class of 2020

What is the Project Y to Z series? Three university students share how they began this project to help the graduating class of 2020 find a guiding light through the personal stories of those who had graduated into the 2008 financial crisis.

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4 Signs That You Might Need a Digital Detox (and How to Go About It)

Do you suffer from anxiety if your mobile phone is not within your reach? Or do you perhaps struggle to get through a single task without checking your social media feed? If so, it may be time for a digital detox.

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SMU Alumni Entrepreneurs Help Nourish Frontline Healthcare Workers in Fight Against COVID-19

F&B businesses the world over are cracking under the pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic. So why did restaurant chain owners and SMU alumni, Anna Haotanto and Brian Chua, made the tough call to sponsor meals for our everyday heroes in Singapore?

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Guidance From a #GirlBoss: Tiziana Tan believes in the power of teamwork

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. Besides finding the right people to fight alongside you, Tiziana Tan’s personal mantra is to ‘laugh at the odds’. We find out more inside tips from this #GirlBoss who is putting her best foot forward social innovation and impact.

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‘Surfing’ the Learning Curve as a Young Accounting Professional

SMU Accountancy graduate Neo Yi Ren juggled the demands of his career and pursuing SCAQ shortly after graduation, achieving Top Scorer in the Financial Reporting module. He also shares how his background in Accounting Data & Analytics helped him to adjust quickly to his role in PwC Singapore.

This Cleantech Startup Gives New Life to Organic Waste

Ever given a thought to the fruit peel that you throw out after a meal, and its insignificance now that the fruit has been devoured? Not necessarily so. Cleantech start-up, UglyGood, is all about converting food waste into a sustainable green business serving to benefit the people, planet and its profits.

5 Tips to Surviving Hostel Life

Hostel life can be exciting and fun, but it also requires a whole lot of self-discipline and getting used to communal living. Here are 5 tips from Jessica Lee to help you thrive in hostel life. Read More