Meet Incoming Freshman of SMU 2024 – Loh Kar Wei 

By the SMU Digital Marketing team 

As an extremely passionate tech entrepreneur, Loh Kar Wei already has a grand dream: to address struggles with the ever-growing talent gap in cybersecurity through educating and improving the way technical skills are evaluated. A self-taught Unity game developer and full stack Python developer, she is the sole founder of Hexcore Labs, a cybersecurity gamification and simulation startup aimed at utilising a skills-first approach in educating and evaluating incoming talent. 

Outside of tech, Kar Wei is into rock music, and plays the electric guitar. While she’s still not able to shred as well as the greats, she enjoys jamming with her band members to some of their favourite tunes. “Some bands that I listen to on a daily basis are Muse, RHCP, Band-Maid and The Oral Cigarettes,” she shares. 


The biggest draw to SMU

When considering universities, Kar Wei was particularly attracted to SMU’s guaranteed second major offering, which allows students to explore diverse academic disciplines beyond their primary focus. Having learnt about business in the last two years, Kar Wei has developed a keen awareness of the importance of legal language as well as common laws and regulations. “I’m therefore very keen to pursue Legal Studies as a second major,” she offers.


The SMU experience

Kar Wei’s decision to choose SMU was also influenced by her admiration for some alumni whom she has crossed paths with and looks up to. Hearing about their positive experiences and recognising the role SMU played in shaping their success further cemented her resolve. 


Looking forward to the future

Anticipating the future, Kar Wei reflects on the two-year hiatus she took before joining SMU. During this time, she’s encountered individuals from diverse backgrounds and interests. “It would be awesome if I can get back to surrounding myself with peers my age who can appreciate my sense of humour and enjoy memes better,” laughs Kar Wei. 




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