Bridging Technology and Law with SMU’s Bachelor of Science in Computing & Law

We now live in an era where digital technologies permeate almost all aspects of our lives. With the digital economy in mind, SMU has rolled out a degree programme to groom a new generation adept at bridging technology and law to take on the complexities of our fast-changing world.

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#HI2020: Follow Your Heart with Chan Huang Suan

It takes considerable courage to leave a job you don’t identify with, especially amidst rising unemployment. SMU Bachelor in Science (IT) alumnus Chan Huang Suan took the plunge, and is today a step closer to his life goal, thanks to his new job.

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Fight White-collar Crimes with the New SMU Second Major in Financial Forensics

Beyond the shiny façade of the region’s successful business landscape lies crimes that only skilled accounting professionals can solve. SMU’s new second major in Financial Forensics is designed to equip a future workforce with the know-hows to tackle such white-collar frauds.

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Do You Have to Be Toxic to Get to the Top

In a tough business climate where bottomlines are king, toxic leadership is sometimes tolerated or even endorsed as a method of managing people and producing better results.

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#HI2020: Investing in Oneself with Farid Mohammad

If getting an internship offer in the midst of a global economic slowdown was hard, try having to turn down not one, but two offers. Yet, SMU Business student Farid Mohammad did just that so as to embark on his journey to self-discovery and betterment.

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Sustaining Momentum on Migrant Worker Issues After Covid-19

It took a pandemic for Singaporeans to sit up and take notice of the less-than-ideal living conditions of migrant workers here. What are some aspects of their lives that require immediate help, and how can the nation build on the momentum to improve their standards of living for good?

Navigating My Education Startup Through the Covid-19 Crisis

When the circuit breaker was announced in Singapore in April 2020, business owners had to make quick decisions to adapt their businesses to the new situation. For SMU alumnus Hansen Lee, refocusing his education business helped him to not only retain but gain new customers.

Life as a Self-driven PhD Student in Multicultural Singapore

Do you recall the first time you used a computer? For research scientist Andrew Le Duy Dung, his first encounter with the computer set him on a path to SMU’s PhD in Computer Science, where he researched on improving the quality and scalability of personalised recommendation systems.