Unlocking Your Full Potential with a Guaranteed Second Major at SMU

By the SMU Digital Marketing Team 

In a rapidly evolving market shaped by socioeconomic disruptions, employers face both challenges and opportunities that demand unique skillsets. In this dynamic landscape, possessing cross-functional abilities and the ability to think across disciplines can help job-seekers stand out in a competitive job market. 

To meet this demand, SMU offers every student the opportunity to tailor their academic path by pursuing a guaranteed second major from across the entire University. This approach not only meets the increasing demand for graduates who are able to think out of the box and solve complex and multi-faceted challenges in the workplace, but also provides students with the freedom to choose a second major to explore their intellectual interests without GPA restrictions.  

In this feature, we outline four ways in which SMU’s interdisciplinary approach to education equips students for success in their professional lives. 


 1. Unlocking career opportunities

It’s a fact – taking on a second major enhances your appeal to prospective employers. With a second major, you position yourself to pursue a wider range of roles effectively, including specialised roles. 


Mindy Boo's quote on taking second major at SMU


2. Charting your own academic path

Here’s the lowdown: SMU’s guaranteed second major offering is a game-changer in academic flexibility.  

Students can choose between second majors from across the University – with no caps, no quotas, and no minimum GPA requirements. Moreover, you only need to declare your majors at the end of your second year in university, affording ample time to explore and try out courses before deciding on a path that best suits your intellectual interests. 

The flexibility doesn’t end there – you can also change or drop a major after Year Two. And it’s alright even if you decide on just one major! The choice is completely yours. 


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3. Dive deeper or broaden your horizons

SMU’s guaranteed second major offers a unique opportunity to complement your first major and delve deeper into your area of study. Alternatively, seize the chance to broaden your horizons with interdisciplinary knowledge or explore a divergent track aligned with your passions. Even if the knowledge is not directly related to a job you currently have in mind, remember that the future of jobs is ever-evolving and that there are many transferrable skills to gain from a second major. 

Whatever your motivation, we’re committed to equip you with the tools to transform your interests into strengths that prepares you to thrive in an increasingly competitive professional landscape. 


Fauzan Aziem's quote on taking second major at SMU


4. Enhance your learning journey

Embracing a second major prior to graduation enriches your learning experience by offering diverse perspectives, which you would start to develop within the SMU Core Curriculum and now have a chance to take further. The takeaways you gain from your secondary area of study can also help to enrich your understanding in your primary field – and vice versa – empowering you to walk away with a broader range of insights relevant to both majors. 


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Get ready to delve into diverse interests and gain a competitive edge with SMU’s guaranteed second major — the ticket to realising your potential. Application is now open!