Meet Incoming Freshman of SMU – Lai Teck Yong 

By the SMU Digital Marketing team

Learning is a lifelong process, and Teck Yong lives that credo: he’s returning to university to obtain his Bachelor’s degree at SMU, after spending several years in the police force. He also has an avid interest in the stock and crypto markets, having been honing his trading skills for over four years. He believes in the importance of financial literacy in securing his financial future. As he succinctly puts it: “Diversifying income sources is crucial to buffer against financial instability.” 


The biggest draw to SMU

Teck Yong’s decision to join SMU was primarily driven by its seminar-style classes. “This dynamic set-up will be instrumental in helping to enhance my communication skills,” he says. With classes mostly taking place in U-shaped seminar rooms at SMU, this creates an environment that lets everyone feel engaged regardless of where they are seated.



The SMU experience

Teck Yong was also drawn to SMU’s vibrant community, which brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds. “This diversity enriches the classroom experience by offering a range of perspectives on every subject, thus creating a more holistic learning environment,” he offers. 


Looking forward to the future

As an adult learner with six years of working experience behind him, Teck Yong looks forward to heading back to the classroom and gaining new knowledge in an area that has always interested him. Besides that, he’s also excited about the prospect of forging fresh connections and expanding his network with the vibrant community at SMU. 




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