Insights From an Insider: Christine Tan 

Christine Tan
Through SMU-X, SMU’s award-winning experiential learning framework, Social Sciences undergraduate Christine Tan has become more confident in tackling projects at work. Learn more about her transformative journey at SMU!

Insights From an Insider: Bharat Gangwani 

Bharat Gangwani
SMU, with its unique pedagogy, instils in its students unique qualities to equip them for the workplace, as affirmed by Bharat Gangwani, a graduating student from the School of Economics. Learn more about Bharat and his SMU transformative experience.

Insights From an Insider: Juhi Agrawal

Juhi Agrawal
Face time with your professors can let one gain a richer understanding of what’s being taught in class – as SMU Law alumna Juhi Agrawal will tell you. Learn more from her on how SMU’s interactive pedagogy makes all the difference.

Insights From an Insider: Andrew Lee 

Andrew Lee
As an introvert, SMU’s seminar-style classes have pushed Andrew Lee out of his comfort zone. Learn more about how SMU has helped the School of Accountancy student grow and prepare for his career.

Insights From an Insider: Suzanne Chan 

Suzanne Chan
As an SMU College of Integrative Studies (CIS) student, Suzanne Chan embraces the dynamic group of classmates she encounters. Here, she has found plenty of opportunities to forge friendships, both in classes and through club activities.

Insights From an Insider: Muhammad Akid Abdul Rahim 

Muhammad Akid
For SMU Business graduating student Muhammad Akid, SMU has provided a unique learning experience, while allowing him to pursue his passions in music and community service. Learn how SMU has helped him prepare for the workforce.

Insights From an Insider: Eunice Chew 

Eunice Chew
Coming into SMU, Eunice Chew expected a more understated student life. Instead, what the Computer Science student discovered was an explosion of vibrance and diversity in SMU’s student experience. Learn all about Eunice’s experience at SMU!

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