Insights From an Insider: Eunice Chew 

By the SMU Digital Marketing team  

Arriving at SMU’s city campus, Eunice Chew had expected a more muted student experience as compared to that of universities with more expansive hall residences. 

Instead, what the SMU School of Computing and Information Systems (SCIS) student discovered was a vibrant and diverse student body – just like the mix of friends she has made at SMU Ardiente, a dance club for those with a passion for the explosive moves of Latin dance. 

Some of her fondest memories at SMU are the cooling down sessions after dance practice with her CCA mates, during which they would take in the breathtaking city view from SMU’s rooftop dance studio. 

Read on as Eunice shares her transformative journey at SMU!  


Describe an unforgettable experience at SMU.

My dance club would strategically book the rooftop dance studio at the SMU School of Economics to hold dance practices on National Day and New Year’s Eve. With a view of Marina Bay Sands, we would sit together after practices to bond, celebrate, and watch the fireworks pop over Marina Bay and the Singapore Flyer. 



What do you like about being an SMU student?

The module requirements give me the flexibility to arrange my timetable and participate in CCAs, executive committees, and work on personal projects.  

There are also plenty of places in the vicinity to hang out with friends and make memories, from parks to upscale or casual bars. Plus, there’s a variety of eateries nearby! 


How has SMU challenged you both personally and academically?

I wanted to fully enjoy university life – chase unique experiences and enjoy learning in a holistic way before entering the workforce. This meant having to actively look for CCAs I enjoy and be proactive in maintaining friendships.  

I feel extremely fulfilled as an SMU student and have done almost everything I hoped to do in university. 


Which module has left the greatest impact on you?

It would be Mathematical Foundations of Computing. I always thought Math was my strong suit, but the module really left an impact – it showed me that JC Math barely scratched the surface and that there is so much more to learn. 


Tell us more about your internships at SMU.

I’ve taken three internships so far. The first was a software engineering internship at a local SME, and the second was an overseas internship in Ho Chi Minh City. I’m currently on my third internship, doing marketing analytics at DBS! 


Eunice looking at the sunset outside the famous Wine Castle in Mui Ne, Vietnam, during her overseas internship stint at Ho Chi Minh City

Eunice looking at the sunset outside the famous Wine Castle in Mui Ne, Vietnam, during her overseas internship stint at Ho Chi Minh City


Being an SMU student has some clear advantages. For example, we can easily pursue part-time internships during the semester due to SMU being located near the offices of many big companies.  

Additionally, SMU strives to send students for overseas programmes, and having that experience can positively differentiate you from other internship applicants. 


What’s one piece of advice you’d give to your freshman self?

I would tell my freshman self not to be too stressed out and enjoy the early days of university. I’d also advise not to worry too much about fitting in or being accepted in social situations – the right people will find you in time. 



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