Insights From an Insider: Christine Tan 

By the SMU Digital Marketing team  

If there are two significant things that Christine has gained during her time at SMU, they are her boosted confidence in voicing her opinions, as well as an expanded community. More importantly, she has acquired the knowledge to effectively utilise both attributes. 

Some of her most memorable experiences include reading storybooks to children who are on various stages of the autism spectrum, and teaching English to underprivileged children – activities that had never crossed her mind until she came to SMU. 

These moments have shown the SMU School of Social Sciences (SOSS) student the profound impact of volunteering her time, both for herself and the children she supports. 

Read on as Christine shares her transformative journey at SMU!  


Describe an unforgettable experience at SMU.

SMU-X modules have been a game-changer. I love getting to solve real-world problems rather than just learning theory that gets forgotten after our finals. I’ve also gained so much knowledge from working with clients, and I’ll never forget these experiences.  



What do you like about being an SMU student?

I love the seminar-style teaching! As someone who hates listening to lectures for hours on end, the interactive discussions help me learn better. Plus, the three-hours-per-week-per-module classes give me more flexibility, which allows me to focus on my CCA and explore other passions! 


Christine (2nd from right) spending time with her SOSCIETY mates outside of class time

Christine (2nd from right) spending time with her SOSCIETY mates outside of class time


How has SMU challenged you both personally and academically?

I’m the type to avoid conflict, and I shy away from offering a different opinion to others. Consequently one of my biggest challenges was to step out of my comfort zone during class participation.  

But the encouragement from my profs has helped me grow in confidence, and I can now express my opinions boldly.  

I’ve also learned to foster deeper and more long-lasting connections in my time as Marketing Director of SOSCIETY, SOSS’s student representative body. All of these have helped boost my confidence! 


Christine (front row, extreme right) with SOSCIETY’s Management Committee members

Christine (front row, extreme right) with SOSCIETY’s Management Committee members


Which module has left the greatest impact on you?

The SMU-X module on Strategic Brand Management. It was truly eye-opening; I never imagined how challenging and rewarding it could be to work with a real client. From engaging stakeholders and selecting the perfect location to understanding the target audience, there were so many things to consider!  

Through this module, I have grown a lot more confident in my ability to tackle projects at work. 


What’s one piece of advice you’d give to your freshman self?

Explore more opportunities outside of academics. University life is too short to not try new things. In fact, it’s the perfect chance to experiment without serious consequences from failing. You’ll never get back the time and safety net you have as a student, so take advantage of this time! 



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