Why I Chose SMU: Economics Undergraduate Sneha Murali  

By the SMU Digital Marketing team 

Choosing the right university can feel like navigating a maze with endless options and no clear path to an easy decision. How do you determine which institution is the perfect fit for you? And how do you ensure you’re making the right choice? Sneha Murali, final year SMU School of Economics (SOE) student, faced these questions head-on. Join us as she shares her journey and how SMU has equipped her for the real world. 


What made you choose SMU when you were deciding on a university?

I found SMU’s interactive seminar-style teaching and emphasis on diverse global exposure opportunities particularly attractive. Additionally, the vibrant atmosphere of the city campus added to its appeal. 


What’s your favourite course so far, and why?

That has got to be ‘Management Communication’ taught by Ms Sumathi Krishna. It was one of the first few courses where I felt encouraged to express myself and develop confidence in class participation. 


What is one quality that you have been able to nurture at SMU that would likely have a lasting impact in your life?

Resilience is definitely one of the qualities I have nurtured at SMU. SMU’s environment challenged me to push my limits, while the support from both friends and faculty empowered me to bounce back from setbacks stronger than before. 


Tell us about your CCA.

I was actively involved in two academic clubs – Growth X Consulting and SMU Data Science and Analytics Society. These engagements afforded me invaluable practical work experience and facilitated interactions with industry professionals. Additionally, I briefly participated in the SMU Chamber Choir. These experiences have given me the opportunity to form many meaningful friendships. 


Sneha (front row, 2nd from right) with her friends

Sneha (front row, 2nd from right) with her friends


What sort of global exposure programmes have you embarked on? (If you have yet to go on an GE, what programme do you plan to take on and why?)

My international exchange semester in the Netherlands stands out as one of the most enriching experiences of my university journey. During this time, I formed meaningful connections with new friends from diverse cultural backgrounds, explored the region extensively, and developed invaluable skills in navigating daily life independently in a foreign country. 


Sneha while on exchange

Sneha exploring the city while on exchange


How has SMU prepared you for your career aspirations?

SMU has thoroughly equipped me for the working world by offering abundant growth opportunities. From academic clubs offering real-life case studies to diverse electives for career exploration, and supportive professors who have steered me in the right direction, the university’s emphasis on holistic education has been instrumental. Through this approach, I’ve not only gained essential hard skills but also honed vital soft skills such as communication and leadership, positioning me well to achieve my career aspirations. 


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