SMU Lingo: Demystified

Imagine being tasked to book a GSR on FBS to discuss the upcoming CSP – where do you even start? Fear not! Let this handy guide be the starting point of your SMU freshman life as we attempt to demystify some of the most commonly used SMU lingo for you.

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SMU Accountancy Graduate: When One Career Peak is Not Enough

Not satisfied with his fast-advancing career in investment banking, SMU Accountancy graduate Darren Ong made a surprise move into corporate development at Gojek, and ended up playing a key role in the young tech company’s IPO launch on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

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Why I Chose SMU – Accountancy Undergraduate Amanda Song

Thanks to SMU’s strong commitment to providing global exposure experiences to its students, final-year accounting student Amanda Song had the chance to venture to India and South Korea in her undergraduate years.

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Why I Chose SMU – Social Sciences Undergraduate Jamie Ho

Having undergone the international baccalaureate programme, Year Three Social Sciences student Jamie Ho took to the intimate class size pedagogy offered at SMU like a fish to water. Hear more about her reasons for choosing SMU and her exciting experiences gained here.

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Why I Chose SMU – Computing and Information Systems Undergraduate Gigi Teo

Gigi Teo, a final-year SMU Computing student, has come a long way since the first time she spoke up in class. Today, the seasoned presenter tells us all about her most cherished experiences at SMU and why she selected the university four years ago.

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Shedding Light on Solar Challenges

Known for lacking in natural resources, Singapore has an abundance of sunny days instead. What exactly is stopping the country from adopting wider use of solar energy, and what can it do to make hay while the sun shines? Read More