Why I Chose SMU: Information Systems Undergraduate Sean Lim 

By the SMU Digital Marketing team 

Navigating the myriad factors in university selection can be daunting. From curriculum to campus life, the choices seem endless. Enter Sean Lim, a year three student from SMU’s School of Computing and Information Systems (SCIS). In his third year pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems, Sean offers insights into his decision-making process and the transformative journey he’s experienced at SMU. 


What made you choose SMU when you were deciding on a university?

I chose SMU because the information systems course aligned perfectly with my interests. Its seminar-style teaching, with small class sizes and increased interaction, also suited my learning style. Moreover, a campus located in the city seemed really appealing! 


What do you recall of your first month in SMU?

The first month was pretty exciting, as everything was new to me. I do remember being quite intimidated by class participation: I would get really nervous and struggled to get the words out of my mouth. The great part is that it got easier over time, with a little bit of practice and a thicker skin. 


What’s your favourite course so far, and why?

Web App Development II. We learnt how to make websites from scratch, using tools like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It was so cool to see lines of code turning into dynamic and interactive websites, and it really gave me perspective into the amount of work that goes into making the web apps we use every day. 


What is one quality that you have been able to nurture at SMU that would likely have a lasting impact in your life?

At SMU, I learnt the value of teamwork. I used to prefer working solo for efficiency, but I eventually realised how shortsighted that thinking was. While working in a group comes with its challenges, I discovered the best ideas often come from working together to solve problems, and the best outcomes from drawing upon our various strengths. 


Sean (front) with his friends from SMUCF

Sean (front) with his friends from SMU Christian Fellowship


Tell us about your CCA.

I am actively involved in SMU Christian Fellowship, where I’ve deepened my understanding and appreciation of my faith and formed meaningful friendships. When selecting a CCA, make sure it’s one that grows your passions and interests. You’ll also make some of your closest friends from your CCA. 


What sort of global exposure programmes do you plan to embark on?

I am applying to go on an International Student Exchange Programme (ISEP) at the University of Toronto to experience how modules are taught at one of the top computing universities in the world. I look forward to meeting people from diverse cultures and exploring North America. The experience of living abroad independently will also teach me how to adapt and thrive in a new environment.


How are you financing your education?

As a recipient of the SG Digital Scholarship (Undergrad Tech) by IMDA, I am grateful for their generous support covering my education, external courses, and overseas programmes. IMDA’s initiatives within the SG Digital community have helped broaden my perspectives, inspire new ideas, and introduce me to remarkable individuals. 


How has SMU prepared you for your career aspirations?

The courses I have pursued offer a wealth of valuable, relevant, and practical knowledge for a future career in IT. The profs adeptly integrate their industry and research expertise to contextualise theory into real world applications. Engaging in the many challenging projects has also taught me invaluable skills I can take into my future job role. Furthermore, there is never a shortage of enriching events happening on campus to help broaden our understanding of the industry landscape we aspire to enter. 


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