Why I Chose SMU: Accountancy Undergraduate Leigh-Anne Wee 

By the SMU Digital Marketing team 

What draws you to a university? Is it the pedagogy, location, campus culture, faculty or student life? For SMU School of Accountancy (SOA) student Leigh-Anne Wee, pushing her introverted self beyond her comfort zone has paid off tremendously. Delve into her experiences as she shares insights on her choice of SMU, navigating initial challenges as a freshman, and her favorite course so far. Join us as we explore her global exposure journey and how SMU has prepared her for her future career. 


What made you choose SMU when you were deciding on a university?

Despite my introverted nature, I found the interactive learning pedagogy employed at SMU particularly engaging. I learnt to venture beyond my comfort zone by actively participating in class discussions, which in turn, presented an opportunity for personal growth. SMU’s emphasis on real-world learning also appealed to me, as it provides invaluable practical experience and industry knowledge. 


What do you recall of your first month in SMU?

My initial month in this new environment felt intimidating yet exhilarating. With exemptions from certain courses thanks to my polytechnic background, I had to navigate the BOSS bidding system to select my modules. Despite feeling apprehensive about bidding for the first time, I received invaluable guidance from seniors I met during the orientation camps. 


What’s your favourite course so far, and why?

Undoubtedly, my favourite course would be the Accounting Analytics Capstone, a compulsory course for students specialising in Data Analytics. While formulating solutions for the client presented a significant challenge, the course fostered innovative thinking and the practical application of theoretical concepts learnt from preceding modules. The constant support and guidance from our project mentors significantly enriched the overall learning experience. 


What is one quality that you have been able to nurture at SMU that would likely have a lasting impact in your life?

Self-awareness. My undergraduate journey, encompassing coursework, diverse experiences, and rich interactions, expedited my process of self-discovery. I gained a deeper understanding of my strengths, weaknesses, values, and aspirations, which empowers me to make better informed decisions about my future trajectory. 


What global exposure programme have you embarked on?

In 2022, I participated in a five-month exchange programme at Maastricht University in the Netherlands through SMU’s International Student Exchange Programme. It was an incredible journey filled with learning and collaboration opportunities with local students. Beyond the classroom, I had the chance to explore neighbouring countries and immerse myself in diverse cultures. This experience truly broadened my perspective, and gave me a deeper understanding of people and their customs. 


Leigh-Anne (right) exploring the wonders of Finland during her recess week whilst on exchange at Maastricht University

Leigh-Anne (right) exploring the wonders of Finland during her recess week whilst on exchange at Maastricht University


How has SMU prepared you for your career aspirations?

My professors equipped me with up-to-date knowledge and insights through their courses, thereby establishing a firm foundation to prepare me for the demands of my current professional pursuits. The diverse and challenging projects and assignments I undertook during my undergraduate journey also significantly enhanced my critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. 


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