Meet Incoming Freshman of SMU 2024 – Nicole Sim 

By the SMU Digital Marketing team 

Beneath Nicole’s warm demeanour lies a fierce dedication to advocacy, particularly, for mental health issues. Her commitment to community service also shines through in the wide array of community service projects she involves herself in, such as teaching phonics to disadvantaged children. 

For Nicole, mental health advocacy holds a special place in her heart. “I’m eager to weave this advocacy into both my academic pursuits and extracurricular activities at SMU,” she enthuses. 


The biggest draw to SMU

The impressive employment prospects of SMU graduates were what first caught Nicole’s attention. “With its emphasis on hands-on learning, internships, and networking events, SMU gives me the assurance that I will be fully prepared to thrive in the business world after completing my studies,” she explains confidently. 



The SMU experience

Another aspect of the SMU experience that Nicole is eager to dive into is its seminar-style classes. These, coupled with SMU’s interactive pedagogy, facilitate a continuous two-way interaction between students and professors. 

For Nicole, this teaching method is invaluable. “I believe this teaching approach will not only nurture my critical thinking abilities but also enable more meaningful interactions with professors and peers.” 


Looking forward to the future

With the school year set to start soon, Nicole is excited to embark on this new chapter, and immerse herself in the vibrant energy of SMU’s campus life. She’s looking forward to making new friends, so don’t hesitate to say hi if you see her around campus! 




Ready for a vibrant student life in the heart of the city? Accept your offer before 24 May 2024!  


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