Overworked and Sleep-Deprived in Singapore: How To Nurture Healthier and More Productive Workers

Where working from home was once a dream for cubicle dwellers here, what has gone so wrong with the phenomenon – made a necessity by Covid – that it’s propelled Singapore to the top of the chart as the most fatigued nation in the world?

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SMU Athletes To Watch: National Hockey Player Gene Leck

National Hockey Player Gene Leck did not get her start in sports with hockey. Here the Second Year SMU Business undergraduate talks about how she fell into the sport by chance, juggles schoolwork with training, and aims for a fulfilling university journey.

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Squid Game Life Skills Every Student Can Borrow

Some credit the success of Squid Game to its twisted premise, while others claim it’s Gong Yoo. Regardless, the record-breaking television series presents some solid takeaways that even students can learn a thing or two from.

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How To Thrive During a Pandemic According to the World’s Top Business Leaders

As the world gears up to live with Covid, we hear from some of the world’s top business moguls on what it takes to keep the pandemic fatigue at bay and thrive in this highly challenging environment.

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Will Pursuing a Master’s Degree Advance Your C-suite Goals?

A rigorous master’s degree programme can help you develop domain expertise while building credibility – a must for accelerating one’s climb up the corporate ladder. Here are top programmes you can consider, hand-picked to fast-track your way to a C-suite role.

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SMU Lee Kong Chian School of Business
Let Deckie He Dong take you on a virtual campus tour around SMU's Lee Kong Chian School of Business (including a peek into the MBA lounge!) as he provides his views and impressions of the school. (Written in Chinese) Read More

5 fashion styles you’ll spot in SMU

It’s a commonly accepted fact that shorts and flip-flops are the national attire of Singapore. However, here at SMU we like to do things a little differently. Read on to discover the five fashion styles you’ll spot at SMU. Read More

Dining in the Dark: My enlightening experience

Ever wondered what it feels like to conduct your everyday activities in complete darkness? SMU student Justina Quek gives you a taste of it through this blog post about an event organised by the SMU Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) team, together with the Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped (SAVH), called Dining in the Dark. Read on to find out how the students in attendance coped with ... Read More


As a Chinese student, Deckie He Dong shares the experiences and challenges faced during his time in the SMU MBA programme and how the journey has enriched his life. (Written in Chinese) Read More

5 tips to survive under $50 a week at SMU

SMU campus at night
It is Week 7 where most students are busy with mid-terms and project deadlines. If you've been camping out at school thinking your meal options are limited and find that your expenses are only heading upwards, student blogger Damini Roy will surprise you. She shares 5 tips on how you can survive under $50 a week here at our city campus.

The 5 types of SMU students

College usually plays host to lots of colourful characters, and SMU is no exception! Student blogger Kritika shares her tongue-in-cheek taxonomy of SMU students. A must-read! Read More

Top 5 cultural spots around Singapore Management University

Singapore Art Musuem
Art and cultural hotspots are everywhere in Singapore, right at our footsteps—especially since we’re in a school at the heart of Singapore’s bustling cityscape. So in case you’re bored this summer and find yourself in school one afternoon after running some errands or upon completing some school camps, here are five wonderful places you can check out to broaden your horizon.