SMU Core Curriculum: Readying a New Generation for the Future

It is not uncommon to hear of graduates pursuing careers wholly distinct from their courses of study. And that’s why the SMU Core Curriculum seeks to equip graduates with agility and transferable skills to stand them in good stead, regardless of their pursuits.

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When Computing and Law Have More Similarities Than You Think

If you think Computing is to Law as chalk is to cheese, think again. Tong My Linh and Jonathan Lim, both Year One students in SMU’s Bachelor of Science in Computing and Law programme, tell us how they are reaping the benefits of this unique and diverse study combination.

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What I Learnt ‘Zooming’ Through My Last Semester at SMU School of Accountancy

For SMU School of Accountancy alumna Cindy Yong, trading up physical classes for online learning was a challenge at first. From pain relief patches, to sitting for examinations in pyjamas, find out how this experience turned out to be quite a discovery for her.

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SMU Accountancy Alumnus Peter Oh: Making a Social Enterprise Profitable

SMU Accountancy alumnus Peter Oh comes across as someone who is both pragmatic and passionate about what he does. Hear from him on why he decided to step off the beaten track to embark on his journey as an entrepreneur.

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Rise Above Your Circumstances with SMU Access

Find out how SMU Access, the first of its kind in Singapore, helps ensure that no eligible student is denied an SMU education because of financial difficulties.

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An inclusive and diverse U

Student Karl Gan shares how SMU's recent “Building a Culture of Inclusion Within Institutes of Higher Learning” conference has impacted how he sees society. Read More

The Googley affair

SMU student Astha Kalbag recently had an opportunity to sample the ‘Google Experience’ firsthand. Read about the lessons she learnt, and the fun she had. Read More

Recognising innovative teachers

At SMU, our instructors are always on the hunt for ways to add value to the curriculum. The Teaching Excellence Awards recognises our faculty members for their brilliant ideas. Read More