Introvert Turned ‘Ambassador Amanda’

By Amanda Chia, SMU Lee Kong Chian School of Business

Stepping into SMU, I knew right from the start that what I wanted was to fully enjoy my time in university and to challenge myself to try out new things and discover new passions.

This was the mindset I took with me when I decided to join SMU Ballare—SMU’s standard ballroom dance club—despite having no prior experience in dance. Never would I have imagined myself performing in front of hundreds of students during our production, or even dancing in the presence of international judges for competitions. But I did! And what an experience that was.


2nd Brillante International DanceSport Championship 2015

2nd Brillante International DanceSport Championship 2015 (Source: SMU Ballare Facebook page)


Joining the SMU Ambassadorial Corps was yet another step towards overcoming my natural shyness, helping to hone my speaking skills while developing my confidence as an individual. As Ambassadors, one of our key roles is to host distinguished guests on their visits to SMU and at key University events like Patron’s Day, Commencement and Convocation.

Having to constantly interact with guests hasn’t been an easy ride for an introvert like myself. It was really during an engagement with a group of distinguished professors from a Malaysian University when I found the courage to step out of my comfort zone. Knowing our guests had thoroughly enjoyed the experience on campus really helped increase my confidence in speaking out and interacting with people. In addition to this training, the Corps’ spirit of ‘paying it forward’ is evident from the generous guidance and encouragement I have received from my peers and seniors. This is something which I am truly thankful for as part of the Corps!


The 14th Executive Committee of the SMU Ambassadorial Corps

The members of the SMU Ambassadorial Corps


While being part of different activities can provide different learning grounds, it is really essential to plan and manage your time well when juggling study and CCA commitments. Don’t get burnt out!

I am privileged to have had approachable professors to guide me in my academics, as well as supportive friends who encourage me during the tough times. This has made my SMU experience a highly meaningful one thus far. I am truly glad that SMU has offered a multitude of opportunities for me to develop into a more mature individual prepared to step into the workforce.


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