Building Your Brand in the Experience Economy

Contrary to popular beliefs, Covid-19 isn’t quite the death knell for brick and mortar businesses. In fact, SMU Adjunct Faculty and author Jörg Dietzel believes that to thrive post-Covid, brands need to adopt a hybrid form of digital and in-person experiences.

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10 Podcasts to Help You Navigate 2021

2020 has been a record year of many things—among which is the sharp increase in everyone’s screen time thanks to lockdowns and our working from home stints. Kickstart the new year by giving your eyes a break and let your ears do the learning instead with this useful list of podcasts.

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4 Creative Pandemic Business Pivots to Learn From

Not all business pivots result in success stories, but in challenging times like now, these businesses have taken the plunge to adapt their business models to the new climate.

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How Holistic Well-Being Will Shape Life and Living in HDB Estates

An aging population, technological disruption, and a greater need for public engagement are just some factors that will affect the future of public housing. How will HDB’s new roadmap help it achieve healthy and highly liveable towns in the next decade?

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Theodora Boo: Leading SEA’s First Student Venture Fund

When Theodora Boo witnessed first-hand how venture capitalists played a key role in a startup’s success, she was hooked. Learn how she first got her hands dirty in the world of venture capital, to leading SEA’s first student venture fund today.

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Recognising innovative teachers

At SMU, our instructors are always on the hunt for ways to add value to the curriculum. The Teaching Excellence Awards recognises our faculty members for their brilliant ideas. Read More