Meet Incoming Freshman: Rivaan Dhingra 

By the SMU Digital Marketing Team 

Picture a bustling campus where diverse minds converge in small-sized classes, sparking lively discussions and enriching learning experiences. At SMU, this interactive and dynamic culture sets the stage for academic growth and personal development.

Rivaan Dhingra, an aspiring undergraduate in SMU’s Bachelor of Science in Economics programme, is looking forward to be a part of this vibrant community. With a passion for event planning and a keen interest in advanced mathematics and business management, Rivaan is drawn to the field of economics and its potential to shape a competitive economy and reduce income inequality through law and public policies.

Despite being born in Singapore, Rivaan has spent most of his life abroad, providing him with extensive travel experiences and a global perspective. As he eagerly awaits his first semester at SMU, he looks forward to immersing himself in Singapore’s vibrant culture and embracing the multicultural environment both on campus and throughout the country.



Rivaan’s excitement extends beyond academics. Having organised TEDx events in India, he thrives on the collaborative planning process and the fulfillment of bringing ideas to life. His passion for sports, particularly boxing and mixed martial arts, adds another layer of enthusiasm to his SMU journey. He plans to join the SMU MMA club to further his interests and continue his growth in the sport.

SMU’s interactive pedagogy was a major draw for Rivaan. The seminar-style lessons and smaller class sizes align with his preferred learning style, allowing for greater interaction and a more conducive learning environment. He also appreciates the flexibility SMU offers, allowing him to pursue a second major or even a second degree while tailoring his course load each term.


Quote by Rivaan Dhingra


Moreover, Rivaan values SMU’s practical and application-oriented approach to education, knowing it will equip him with the skills needed for a successful career. He is looking forward to the wealth of opportunities SMU provides, from joining various clubs to participating in global exposure programmes, which will allow him to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and expand his professional network.

Learn more about Rivaan and his reasons for choosing SMU here.



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