Meet Incoming Freshman of SMU 2022 – John David

By the SMU Digital Marketing Team

If there is one thing that stands out in SMU’s latest incoming freshmen cohort, it is how diversity reigns. And while the latest additions to the SMU family hail from different backgrounds and boast varied interests, they all share a common goal: to gain a holistic, engaged and transformative education at this premier university in Asia.

Brimming with enthusiasm, these newcomers also bring with them a wealth of experiences and perspectives. They’re passionate about making a difference, from starting their businesses to working on cutting-edge research projects and volunteering in their local communities.

Join us in extending our warmest welcome to Catholic Junior College alumnus and Bachelor of Science in Economics student John David. Poverty is an issue close to John’s heart due to his origins: his parents came from humble beginnings in the Philippines to settle down and build a life for their family in Singapore. Through learning more about wealth inequality over the course of his education and exposure to poverty in his homeland, he hopes to find solutions to help mitigate the effects of poverty. John has also been participating actively in various community projects for the underprivileged in society, and tells us here about his other interests in sports, faith and finance.



What are some of your interests beyond academic goals?

I would say sports, faith and finance.

I’ve been the vice-captain of the National Youth Tchoukball Team, captain of my school’s basketball team, and I support the Philippine Basketball Association’s Ginebra team for their teamwork and motto of “Never Say Die”, which is what we can all live by!

As my faith continually deepens, I seek to contribute to causes relating to poverty and the environment. As for finance, I believe it will be the fulcrum of our futures, especially with the rise of sustainable finance.


Why did you decide on SMU?

One of the main factors for choosing SMU is its unparalleled interactive pedagogy, which will allow me to grow and hone my presentation skills. The success of this focus is evident in the University’s many achievements, such as how the SMU Student-Managed Investment Fund, a virtual public equity fund, has won numerous local and global stock pitching competitions.


Complete this sentence: I am excited to be a SMUgger because…

The world’s ours to explore.



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