Meet Incoming Freshman: Nur Izad Hamzah Bin Azman

By the SMU Digital Marketing Team 

Music, a universal language that transcends cultures, has the power to captivate our hearts. Nur Izad Hamzah Bin Azman, an incoming freshman at SMU, actively creates music to fuel his passion for the art. Having nurtured his musical talents at the School of the Arts, Izad finds solace in producing music, DJing, and beatboxing.

As Izad embarks on his Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology, Political Science and Sociology) programme, he is looking forward to connecting with like-minded individuals at SMU. He hopes to forge friendships with fellow music enthusiasts and football players at SMU, which serves as an ideal incubator for pursuing passions through its vibrant community and diverse opportunities.



Through its interactive pedagogy, SMU fosters an environment that encourages students to connect with peers who share similar interests. Additionally, a myriad of student clubs, societies, and community service initiatives provide ample opportunities for students to immerse themselves in their chosen pursuits.

With guaranteed global experience at SMU, students like Izad can look forward to exploring beyond Singapore’s borders during their studies through overseas exchange, internship, summer exchange and community service programmes. The seminar-style classes at SMU also cater perfectly to Izad’s preference for interactive learning. By fostering continuous two-way interaction, these classes create an environment conducive to vibrant discussions and idea exchange, enabling students to thrive academically.



Driven by his family’s involvement in psychology, Izad’s interest in the subject led him to choose SMU’s PPS major at the School of Social Sciences. This multidisciplinary approach, encompassing psychology, political science, and sociology, equips students with a holistic understanding of social phenomena. Graduates emerge with versatile tools and frameworks that pave the way for fulfilling careers in human services, education management, and other social-intensive professions.

As Izad embarks on this transformative chapter of his life, he eagerly anticipates the boundless opportunities that lie ahead. He looks forward to exploring new realms, forging meaningful connections, and gaining a deeper understanding of others and himself. Surprisingly, he even welcomes the pressure of deadlines, as it ignites his drive to perform at his best.

Learn more about Izad and his reasons for choosing SMU here.



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