Meet Incoming Freshman of SMU 2023 – Nur Izad Hamzah Bin Azman

By the SMU Digital Marketing Team 

Music is known to be a universal language that transcends cultures, and almost everyone we know enjoys music and has a few favourite songs that we never get sick listening to. But not everyone has the passion to create music – be it a remix, an arrangement, or a composition. So great is his passion for music that incoming SMU freshman Nur Izad Hamzah Bin Azman actively works on creating music.

As he embarks on the Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology/Political Science/Sociology), or PPS programme, he looks forward to meeting people with similar interests in the SMU family.

“I have a huge passion for music, and I spend my free time producing music, DJing, and beatboxing,” he declares.

“I studied music for six years at School of the Arts, and it feels a little bit like fate that the next chapter of my life is due to play out just across the street. I also love watching and playing football, so I hope I can find some like-minded friends at SMU.”

The bustling city university is the ideal incubator for students to pursue their interests—through an interactive pedagogy that provides ample opportunities to connect with peers, and through student clubs, societies, and community service initiatives to meet others who share their passions.

Furthermore, the university’s firm belief in availing global exposure opportunities to each of its students ensures that students broaden their horizons. From Overseas Exchange and Summer Programmes, to Overseas Internships and Global Innovation Immersion and more, SMU makes every effort to open new doors for its students, exposing them to experiences beyond Singapore’s shores.

“I like to see and experience new things beyond Singapore, and I hope to be able to do that over the course of my study,” Izad muses.


Quote by Nur Izad Hamzah Bin Azman


Destination: SMU

For him, SMU’s constant efforts to reach out to students even before matriculation played a big part in Izad’s decision to enrol at the university. He speaks highly of Destination: SMU, an annual event held for students who have been offered places at the University. The event gave Izad and other students a chance to learn more about the University, and offered a glimpse into the SMU culture before they make the big decision to accept the offer. SMU also hosts exciting Open House events annually, with 2023’s being its biggest Open House yet.

“The fact that they kept reaching out to me through letters and emails made me feel very welcomed, and that I was already part of the University before I even matriculated,” he says in earnest.

“Moreover, the sense of warmth and community made me feel very welcomed when I attended Destination: SMU, which made me want to join SMU and be a part of this warm community.”


Embarking on a multi-disciplinary approach

An aspect of SMU that resonates with many prospective students are its seminar-style classes, which means that classes are conducted with continuous two-way interaction in mind.

As Izad notes: “As someone who likes to discuss and exchange ideas with my peers, I feel that seminar-style classes are the best fit for me.”

Izad’s interest in psychology has been piqued by his family, with his mother working as a counsellor and his sister studying Child Psychology at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. It was his desire to pursue this shared area of interest that drove him to enrol in the PPS major at SMU’s School of Social Sciences. By focusing on the disciplines of psychology, political science and sociology, students are given a holistic, multi-disciplinary and integrated approach to the study of phenomena in the social sciences. In this way, students are primed to develop tools and frameworks which they can apply to careers in the human services fields, education management, and other social-intensive professions.

As he embarks on the next chapter of his life, Izad finds that there is plenty to look forward to. “I hope to experience new things, meet new people, build connections, and learn more about others and myself,” he muses thoughtfully, before adding a surprising fact.

“Also, this might sound strange, but I look forward to experiencing the pressure of deadlines again. I for one enjoy working under pressure, because I feel like it pushes me to perform better.”



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