Meet Incoming Freshman: Benjamin Lee 

By the SMU Digital Marketing Team 

Step into the vibrant SMU campus, where energy fills the air and diverse paths intersect. Here, students like Benjamin Lee gather to sharpen their future-ready skills and pursue their dreams.

Benjamin, a national badminton player and incoming SMU Bachelor of Accountancy freshman, thrives on the thrill of competition and problem-solving. He embraces SMU’s unique offering of double degrees and guaranteed second majors, eagerly pursuing a double degree in accountancy and business management.

His passion for badminton grew naturally, fostered by the strong badminton culture in his primary school. Signing up for the badminton CCA, he discovered the joy of competition and winning, leading him to the Singapore Sports School for further development. Through numerous local and international competitions, Benjamin gained valuable exposure and honed his skills.



Beyond badminton, Benjamin is an enthusiastic foodie. He looks forward to exploring the culinary delights both on SMU’s campus and in the surrounding area. The central business district location offers a plethora of dining options, making it convenient for Benjamin to enjoy satisfying meals with friends.

SMU’s approach to education is immersive and interactive, providing students with practical, hands-on learning experiences. Benjamin was drawn to SMU because of its seminar-style classes, which align with his preferred learning style. This interactive method resonates with his experience at the Singapore Sports School and fuels his intellectual growth.



As Benjamin prepares to embark on his SMU journey, he looks forward to the opportunity to learn new things and expand his knowledge. After completing the IB programme and serving in the National Service, he is excited to escape the feeling of stagnation and embrace the intellectual stimulation that awaits him at SMU.

With its vibrant campus, interactive learning environment, and opportunities for personal and academic growth, SMU is the ideal place for students like Benjamin to thrive.

Learn more about Benjamin and his reasons for choosing SMU here.



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