Meet Incoming Freshman: Vedant Chincholkar

By the SMU Digital Marketing Team 

Step foot on the bustling SMU campus, and you’ll immediately feel the energy radiating from its diverse student body. Vedant Chincholkar, an incoming Bachelor of Business Management freshman and sports enthusiast, finds himself drawn to the vibrant community at SMU, where everyone shares a common desire for personal growth.

Born in Mumbai but raised in Singapore, the Raffles Institution graduate appreciates the diversity he has experienced in both countries. The diverse student body and faculty at SMU captivate him, as he believes that everyone has something valuable to teach others.



When choosing a university, Vedant considered various factors, and SMU stood out for its small class sizes. Here, the emphasis on class participation creates a dynamic atmosphere that fosters engaging conversations. Vedant finds this two-way interaction far more enriching than passive listening, making his learning experience truly exceptional.

The location of the SMU campus also impressed Vedant. Situated in Singapore’s civic district, the compact yet spacious campus facilitates easy connections between students and faculty. Whenever Vedant strolls through the campus, he frequently encounters familiar faces, fostering a sense of community and making SMU feel like home.



Beyond academics, SMU prides itself on nurturing a vibrant student life. With over 150 student clubs, Vedant eagerly immerses himself in his passion for sports. As a seasoned cricketer and an avid open water diver, he finds joy and fascination in the thrill of athletic pursuits. Exploring the underwater world gives him a unique perspective and an appreciation for the wonders of nature.

Vedant’s interests extend beyond sports and the outdoors. He values the quiet moments spent indoors with a good book. Reading plays a crucial role in his learning process, especially books on self-help and experiential learning. Vedant believes that books have much to offer, particularly at his age when continuous learning is essential. One book that has recently inspired him is Robert Kiyosaki’s The Business of the 21st Century, which emphasises the importance of pushing past societal expectations and expanding one’s mindset.

As Vedant embarks on his SMU journey, he looks forward to embracing new experiences, connecting with fellow students, and expanding his horizons. With its vibrant community, interactive learning environment, and opportunities for personal growth, SMU provides the ideal platform for students like Vedant to thrive.

Learn more about Vedant and his reasons for choosing SMU here.



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