Meet Incoming Freshman of SMU 2023 – Shankari Selvaraju

By the SMU Digital Marketing Team 

As the only university campus nestled in the heart of Singapore’s civic district, SMU understands the importance of creative expression and personal development in the holistic growth of a student. And it is this very trait that resonates deeply with incoming Bachelor of Science (Information Systems) undergraduate Shankari Selvaraju.

With her passion for volunteer work and street photography, Shankari appreciates that the University encourages its students to develop not just their academic capabilities, but also their emotional intelligence and sense of social responsibility. With over 150 student clubs in arts, culture, sports, special interest, community services on offer, university life at SMU is as exciting as any student wants theirs to be.


Quote by Shankari Selvaraju


A unique blend of academic and artistic exploration

The recent graduate from Nanyang Polytechnic is no stranger to community service, especially within the Indian community in Singapore. A familiar face to those who attend events organised by the Radin Mas IAEC, Shankari often helps out and volunteers at such events, doing her part to make sure that the events are successful.

Her passion and love for her culture also extends to its art forms; Shankari performs Baharathanatyam – a classical Indian dance and one of eight dance forms that have been recognised by the national level academy for performing arts in India.

Shankari’s creative flair is evident in her pursuit of photography outside of her studies, as she shares with us her love for the art form, especially street photography. “I enjoy capturing photos on the streets, or even playing around with macro photography during my free time. I’ll often go on long walks solely to find sceneries and memories that I can capture on camera.

There’s something incredibly rewarding about capturing a moment in time, and turning it into a work of art. I love experimenting with different techniques, styles, and subjects, and I’m always looking for new inspiration.”

Both her love for art and her spirited personality have contributed to her choice in applying at SMU. Specifically, when she attended the Singapore Night Festival in 2022, which showcased lively performances by student groups.

“This, and other experiences made me notice that SMU has an exceptionally vibrant student life, which is something that I’ve always wanted as part of my university experience.”


Studies that prepare you for the real-world

Beyond her love for the vibrant culture at SMU, there are more practical reasons that convinced Shankari that SMU was the right fit for her. For one, she holds SMU’s emphasis on ensuring that every student has the chance to experience global exposure in high regard.

“As someone who loves to travel, and who thinks there is so much to learn in the world, I can feel that SMU’s guaranteed global exposure is going to be a game changer for me,” she explains.

Of course, besides the excitement she has for SMU’s various programmes, it is also important to Shankari that her university experience prepares her amply before she steps into the workplace.

She shares: “During one of the sharing sessions I attended, I was very impressed to learn that all SMU students are assigned a personal career coach right from the start. I feel this guidance is extremely necessary to prepare each of us for our unique career paths and real-world expectations as we graduate.”

Besides the dedicated career coach, SMU also places emphasis on experiential learning, as part of its efforts to help students be industry-ready by the time they graduate. The university’s faculty also has a wealth of experience that students can learn from, something which Shankari is certainly looking forward to.

For now, Shankari eagerly awaits orientation activities to kick off at SMU. “Because of Covid-19, I have missed out too much on the social aspects in my polytechnic life. Given SMU’s vibrant student community, I look forward to a fun and engaging orientation, and building new friendships and memories in the process.

Honestly, I can’t wait to experience university life and be completely immersed in the SMU culture.”



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