Meet Incoming Freshman of SMU 2023 – Bridgette Leong

By the SMU Digital Marketing Team 

As an incoming freshman at SMU, Bridgette Leong recognises the importance of balancing academics with personal passions and wellness. While she is committed to excelling in her Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) programme, she also knows the value of taking breaks and indulging in simple pleasures that bring her joy, such as enjoying a delicious bowl of acai.

“Eating acai allows me to express every kind of mood,” the School of the Arts graduate playfully quips.

A carefree soul who enjoys going with the flow and enjoying the moment, Bridgette has taken on jobs at random places just to see what she can gain from the experience. “I love these spontaneous endeavors because more often than not, it turns out to be an interesting or happy experience in the end,” she says.


Quote by Bridgette Leong


In search of a two-way exchange

When asked about her main draw to SMU, Bridgette feels that the university’s interactive pedagogy is what she is looking for. “The biggest reason I chose SMU is for its seminar-style classes. I think that the intimate class sizes will help me to better navigate lessons, and to appreciate what is being taught. With the increased interaction between professors and fellow classmates, the learning process becomes far more enjoyable to me.”

With no more than 45 students per class, the seminar-style classes conducted at SMU ensure that students like Bridgette can have a continuous two-way interaction with their professor, as well as with their peers. This creates an environment ripe for the exchange of ideas and perspectives, adding more depth to each student’s learning journey.

SMU also has a reputation for providing a holistic education with a flexible academic pathway, allowing students the flexibility to design their own class schedule and plan out the subjects that they apply for each semester.


A passionate youth advocate

From volunteering at local non-profit organisations to advocating for social justice causes, SMU students are actively engaged in creating positive change in the world around them. Through a range of outreach initiatives, including mentorship programmes, community service projects, and fundraising events, students are making a tangible impact on the lives of those around them.

Bridgette’s cheerful self-introduction belies a more serious side — that of a passionate advocate for youth issues, especially those revolving around mental health.

She has volunteered with the Prison Fellowship Singapore’s Care Club – a programme where volunteers befriend and mentor children and youth related to inmates and ex-offenders. In Bridgette’s case, she integrated technology with the arts and worked closely with several children who took part in this programme.

This spirit of service fits in well with SMU’s culture – one that prepares its students to not just be successful in their careers, but also to nurture responsible citizens who demonstrate leadership and integrity in their personal and professional lives.

With community service an integral core of SMU’s DNA ever since the university’s inception, the university has made the component part of undergraduates’ graduation requirement. But it is clear to see that many students do not get involved in community service for the requirement—on average, SMU students contribute over 135 community service hours, going far above and beyond the required 80 hours.

An adventurous soul who enjoys discovering the world around her, what Bridgette most looks forward to when the school year starts has everything to do with the people she will meet at SMU. “I’m looking forward to meeting new people, and finding a club where I can have fun learning and doing something new whilst making friends with like-minded people.”

Of course, SMU’s convenient location in the middle of the central business district, and easy access to many food options means Bridgette has even more to look forward to. As she aptly describes, “There are so many food options nearby like the GRiD, and I’m excited to find new favourites in the area!”



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