Meet Incoming Freshman: Benjamin Daniel Loh Wayne

By the SMU Digital Marketing Team 

Names hold significance, and for Benjamin Daniel Loh Wayne, a Bachelor of Science (Software Engineering) SkillsFuture Work-Study Degree undergraduate at SMU, his name reflects the diversity that SMU celebrates. Benjamin’s story behind his name is amusing, with his parents unable to decide on a first name and opting to use both Benjamin and Daniel. To add more quirk to his name, his last name took on an unexpected English twist.

Astronomy captivates Benjamin’s imagination, and he finds solace in studying the cosmos, astrophysics, and the wonders of the universe. With his eyes set on the stars, Benjamin aspires to make a significant impact in the field of software engineering. Recognising SMU’s commitment to equipping students for a successful future, he was drawn to the university’s streamlined approach towards finding stable jobs after graduation. The high employability rate of SMU graduates, with 95.1% employed within six months, further solidified his choice.



Beyond career prospects, Benjamin values SMU’s interactive learning environment and the extensive support provided to students. According to the 2022 Joint Graduate Employment Survey, SMU graduates boasted the highest starting salaries and employment rates in Singapore. The campus’s central location is an added advantage for Benjamin, making commuting a breeze and allowing him to quickly familiarise himself with the surrounding area.

In pursuit of holistic development, Benjamin recently embraced a healthier lifestyle and fitness routine. He recognises the importance of maintaining a sound mind and body to excel academically and personally. This resonates with SMU’s commitment to holistic education, as evidenced by its state-of-the-art facilities, including a Gymnasium & Fitness Centre, a rooftop pool, and communal living spaces.



While Benjamin looks forward to a vibrant student life and making new connections at SMU, he values the flexibility offered by the university to pursue his interests and passions. He appreciates that SMU’s curriculum equips him with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the job market.

With each new encounter, Benjamin finds joy in acquiring new knowledge and expanding his horizons. As he embarks on his SMU journey, he eagerly anticipates immersing himself in the university’s culture and forging meaningful connections with fellow students.

Learn more about Benjamin and his reasons for choosing SMU here.



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