Meet Incoming Freshman: Bridgette Leong

By the SMU Digital Marketing Team 

Bridgette Leong, an incoming freshman at SMU pursuing a SMU Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, understands the importance of balance. While excelling in her studies, she cherishes indulging in simple pleasures like savouring a delicious bowl of acai. With a carefree spirit, Bridgette embraces spontaneous endeavours, finding joy in unexpected experiences.

For the School of the Arts alumna, SMU’s interactive pedagogy was a major draw. The seminar-style classes with intimate sizes offer continuous two-way interactions with professors and peers, enhancing the learning process and making it more enjoyable. With no more than 45 students per class, SMU cultivates an environment conducive to the exchange of ideas and perspectives.



The flexibility offered by SMU is another key draw for Bridgette. Here, students can design their own class schedules and plan their subjects each semester, thus ensuring an academic pathway that is customised for each student.

SMU nurtures responsible citizens who demonstrate leadership and integrity in all aspects of life, with engagement and service deeply ingrained in its culture. Students actively contribute to positive change through community service projects, going above and beyond the 80 service hours required for graduation, by contributing over 135 service hours on average. As a passionate advocate for youth issues, particularly mental health, this aspect sits well with Bridgette’s interest in mentoring youths and advocating for their causes.

With a spirit of adventure, Bridgette eagerly anticipates the people she will meet at SMU. Joining clubs, learning something new, and making friends with like-minded individuals are among her aspirations. SMU’s central location in the business district and its proximity to diverse food options further enhance her excitement.



At SMU, Bridgette will embark on an educational journey that combines academic excellence, personal growth, and community impact. With an open mind and a zest for life, she embraces the opportunities that await her at SMU, confident that she will find joy and fulfilment in both her studies and her adventures.

Learn more about Bridgette and her reasons for choosing SMU here.



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