Meet Incoming Freshman: Darshan Ravujee

By the SMU Digital Marketing Team 

Imagine a tertiary experience that embraces adventure, diversity, and personal growth. That’s exactly what SMU offers, as Darshan Ravujee, an incoming SMU Bachelor of Science (Computing and Law) undergraduate, can attest to. With a spirit for exploration and an open mind, Darshan embodies the essence of SMU’s educational approach.

Having embarked on unique adventures like motorcycling through Vietnam’s mountains, skiing in Japan, and solo traveling in Australia, Darshan seeks to expand his horizons even further by taking the chance to travel more before the semester begins. In this regard, SMU’s Guaranteed Global Experience presents the Millennia Institute alumnus with an incredible opportunity to explore the world and broaden his perspectives.

At SMU, global exposure is an integral part of the curriculum, offering students unparalleled opportunities to immerse themselves in diverse cultures, acquire new skills, and develop a global mindset. Through various exchange programmes, internships, and community service activities, students like Darshan can embrace new perspectives and experiences, enriching their educational journey.

Darshan’s passion for technology and law led him to choose the unique Bachelor of Science (Computing and Law) programme at SMU. Fascinated by the possibilities technology brings and intrigued by the role of law in shaping society, Darshan recognised the value of an interdisciplinary curriculum that combines these two fields. SMU’s future-ready academic pathways and interactive pedagogy further cemented his decision. The seminar-style classes, emphasising active learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, provide an ideal environment for students to improve their communication abilities and forge lasting connections.



Currently, Darshan eagerly awaits the start of the school year and his university journey. The prospect of meeting new people and forging friendships is one he looks forward to the most. SMU’s diverse and inclusive student body offers a rich learning environment, bringing together students from over 170 high schools across 70 cities worldwide. It is a place where different backgrounds and viewpoints converge, fostering an atmosphere of open-mindedness and cultural exchange.

While social prospects are thrilling, Darshan is equally excited about the growth opportunities at SMU. Building strong relationships with professors and learning from their experiences and expertise is a priority for him. University, he believes, is a time for personal and academic development, a chance to challenge oneself and embrace new opportunities.



For students seeking a transformative educational experience that combines adventure, interdisciplinary learning, and global exposure, SMU is the perfect springboard. With its vibrant community, forward-thinking programmes, and emphasis on holistic growth, Darshan’s journey is just beginning.

Learn more about Darshan and his reasons for choosing SMU here.



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