Meet Incoming Freshman: Shankari Selvaraju

By the SMU Digital Marketing Team 

Imagine studying at a university where creative expression and personal growth are at the core of the education experience. That’s exactly what incoming Bachelor of Science (Information Systems) undergraduate Shankari Selvaraju found compelling about SMU. As she prepares to join the SMU family, Shankari’s passion for volunteer work and street photography aligns perfectly with the university’s emphasis on holistic development.

Shankari, a recent graduate from Nanyang Polytechnic, has actively engaged in community service, particularly within the Indian community in Singapore. Assisting at events organised by the Radin Mas IAEC, she has contributed to their success and witnessed the impact of her efforts firsthand. Shankari’s love for her culture extends to Baharathanatyam, a classical Indian dance that she performs with grace and dedication.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Shankari finds solace in the art of photography, particularly street photography. Her free time is dedicated to exploring the streets, capturing captivating moments that tell stories through her lens. Experimenting with different techniques and styles, Shankari constantly seeks new inspiration to fuel her creative expression.

What sets SMU apart for Shankari is its vibrant student life and the diverse array of student clubs and activities available. With over 150 clubs covering arts, culture, sports, special interests, and community service, university life at SMU promises to be exciting and fulfilling.



While Shankari appreciates the cultural vibrancy of SMU, she also values the university’s practical approach to education. The University’s guaranteed global experience is a key aspect of its curriculum, offering students like Shankari the opportunity to learn from diverse cultures and broaden their perspectives. Additionally, SMU’s provision of personal career coaches right from the beginning ensures that each student receives tailored guidance to navigate their unique career paths and prepare for the demands of the real world.

SMU goes beyond theoretical learning, emphasising experiential opportunities that equip students with the skills they need to thrive in their chosen fields. With experienced faculty members who are passionate about imparting knowledge, Shankari looks forward to learning from their expertise and gain valuable insights.



As Shankari eagerly awaits orientation activities, she is excited to make up for lost social experiences resulting from the pandemic, and immerse herself in the vibrant SMU culture. She envisions a journey filled with personal growth, exploration, and lasting connections.

Learn more about Shankari and her reasons for choosing SMU here.



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