Meet Incoming Freshman of SMU 2023 – Benjamin Daniel Loh Wayne

By the SMU Digital Marketing Team 

For centuries, people have pondered over the significance of names. Whether it’s a family name passed down through generations or a unique moniker that stands out in a crowd, a name can be imbued with a multitude of meanings.

As a new addition to the SMU family, Benjamin Daniel Loh Wayne, a Bachelor of Science (Software Engineering) SkillsFuture Work-Study Degree) undergraduate, brings with him a unique story about his name — a blend of different languages which so happens to reflect the diversity SMU prides itself on. The story of how his name came to be is quite a funny one.

“The reason behind my lengthy name is that my parents couldn’t decide which name to use as my first name, and so decided to just use both Benjamin and Daniel,” the ACS Independent alumnus candidly muses.

“I was originally supposed to have a Chinese last name, but my parents thought it sounded like Wayne in Hokkien, and that’s how I ended up with an English last name.”


Quote by Benjamin Daniel Loh Wayne


Shooting for the stars

Benjamin is also an astronomy enthusiast with an insatiable thirst for knowledge on the cosmos. In his free time, he is often found pouring over books and articles about astrophysics, the solar system, other stars, galaxies, and the universe itself.

It’s no surprise that Benjamin’s ambitions are similarly lofty. With his sights set on the stars, he dreams of making a significant contribution to the field of software engineering one day.

He shares: “I looked through what SMU offered, and I felt that the experience is streamlined towards finding a stable job after graduation.”

After all, 95.1 per cent of fresh graduates from the 2022 cohort were employed within six months of completing their final examinations.

And Benjamin is not alone in this conclusion. Besides an interactive learning pedagogy that nurtures future-ready graduates, SMU also offers strong career support for its students. In the 2022 Joint Graduate Employment Survey (GES) conducted by SMU and other autonomous universities, SMU graduates were found to have the best starting salaries and strongest employment rates in Singapore.

The campus’ convenient location is yet another draw for Benjamin, who says, “I find that the convenient location makes the journey to and from school much simpler—I can come to school by taking a single bus, which makes commuting so much less of a headache for me. I’m also familiar with the area around SMU, so it wouldn’t take long to get my bearings around campus.”


Giving weight to life beyond the classroom

Another interesting aspect of Benjamin’s life is his recent foray into fitness, having started going to the gym and working on a healthier lifestyle. As a new member of the SMU community, Benjamin recognises the importance of maintaining a healthy mind and body to thrive academically and personally.

“Since serving my National Service, I’ve realised that working out is a lot of fun,” adds Benjamin.

“Now, I’m trying to master whatever equipment the gym has to offer, be it the machines or weights, and just have fun.”

Benjamin’s dedication to fitness is akin to SMU’s commitment to holistic education. With its state-of-the-art facilities such as the Gymnasium & Fitness Centre, a rooftop pool, and even a communal living space for those looking to experience living away from home, SMU students can look forward to a vibrant student life in their tertiary years.

But this is hardly why Benjamin has chosen to enrol at this esteemed institution. “I appreciate the flexibility offered by SMU to pursue my interests and passions. Ultimately, it is still the most important that the curriculum here prepares me well for the job market upon my graduation,” shares Benjamin.

Sharing his hopes for his SMU journey, Benjamin says, “I find it refreshing to gain new knowledge each time I meet someone new. So I’m definitely looking forward to learning about the culture at SMU and meeting new people to expand my horizons.”



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