Meet Incoming Freshman of SMU 2023 – Vedant Chincholkar

By the SMU Digital Marketing Team 

Walk through the SMU campus on any given school day and one thing is immediately evident: the community is brimming with energy from a diverse body of students. With each cohort comprising students from myriad backgrounds, each has their own story to tell.

But as diverse as the SMU family might be, there is one thing that every student has in common—a desire to undergo transformation and growth.

Incoming SMU Bachelor of Business Management freshman and sports enthusiast Vedant Chincholkar, for example, was born in Mumbai, India — but has lived in Singapore practically his whole life.

“Because I’ve experienced living in both India and Singapore, and have been exposed to so many people at school and through work, I find myself really appreciating the diversity in Singapore,” he shares.

“By extension, the diversity of the student body and faculty at SMU particularly draws me in.

I appreciate the opportunity to make good connections, and to build strong relationships with my peers regardless of our backgrounds. I believe that everyone has something to teach other people, and this is a big part of why I chose SMU.”


Quote by Vedant Chincholkar


The SMU difference

When it comes to picking the right university, there are many factors to consider. For Vedant, the city university’s small class sizes were a draw, facilitating plenty of interactions between professors and students.

“Coming from a Junior College, I found that lecture classes can feel very dry and one-sided, where you mostly listen and take notes,” says Vedant, who is currently pursuing a governance, risk and compliance internship at PwC.

“I personally prefer lessons that feel more like two-way conversations, and everyone knows that class participation is a huge part of the SMU culture. This way, I don’t feel like I’m just listening to an audio recording. For me, the best learning experience includes active participation.”

The Raffles Institution graduate was also impressed by the well-situated university grounds. Situated in the heart of Singapore’s civic district, the spacious yet compact campus creates a tight-knit community where students and faculty can easily connect and collaborate.

He muses: “Every time I walk along the SMU campus, I will cross paths with people I know. The campus being so compact means I’m always going to be running into friends, and that makes it feel more homely to me.”


Interests beyond the academic

At SMU, the university prides itself on nurturing vibrant student life experiences with the more than 150 student clubs it offers. And if there’s one thing that Vedant is clearly passionate about, it would, without a doubt, be sports.

Having played cricket for schools, clubs, and even representing Singapore on several occasions, he is clearly a consummate athlete, not just on the field, but even in the water.

“I enjoy all kinds of sports, most recently open water diving,” shares the seasoned batter.

“Ever since I first started years ago, I find it a really fascinating and almost surreal experience. When I’m underwater, I see a whole different world that most people wouldn’t normally have the chance to see.”

But it’s not just about an active lifestyle and the great outdoors for Vedant. He declares that getting comfortable indoors with a good book in hand is just as alluring.

Reading is essential to his learning process, adds Vedant, particularly books on self-help and experiential learning. He believes that books have a great deal to offer, particularly at his age when there is still so much to learn.

Sharing with us a book that has recently inspired him, Vedant quotes from Robert Kiyosaki’s The Business of the 21st Century.

“There is a section that talks about shifting your mindset – from always following what is expected in terms of traditions and conventions, to pushing past that boundary, which strongly aligns with my own beliefs,” he shares.

“Stepping outside your comfort zone can really help one’s growth.”



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