Meet Incoming Freshman: Nadia Vong

By the SMU Digital Marketing Team 

Life has a way of presenting transformative moments that reshape our perception of learning and personal development. Nadia Vong, an incoming freshman at SMU’s College of Integrative Studies, experienced such a pivotal encounter with her Year 1 History teacher. The teacher’s guidance helped the River Valley High School graduate realise that education extends beyond memorisation—it’s about training our thinking and broadening our worldview. This philosophy resonates with SMU’s interactive pedagogy, which fosters active discussions and diverse approaches to understanding subjects.



Nadia’s passion for mentorship and caring for others shines brightly. As the youngest international student in her boarding school, she initiated activities to create a sense of belonging among her peers. From heartwarming reunion dinners to enlightening learning journeys and engaging workshops, Nadia left a lasting impact. At SMU, community service is deeply ingrained in the university’s DNA, thus providing an ideal platform for Nadia’s selfless and compassionate spirit.

SMU’s College of Integrative Studies (CIS) proves to be a major draw for Nadia. Offering unparalleled opportunities for personalisation, CIS allows students to craft their own major—a pioneering concept in Singapore. Nadia chose the Deferred Declaration of Degree programme, granting her the freedom to explore her interests and talents with various Core Curriculum courses, as well as disciplinary courses from other SMU Schools, before making an informed decision on her final degree specialisation. This flexibility resonates with Nadia’s desire to grow holistically and make informed decisions about her future.



In addition to its academic offerings, SMU’s location holds immense appeal for Nadia. Situated in the heart of Singapore’s heritage district, the campus provides easy access to museums, fueling Nadia’s love for impromptu visits. Yet it’s not just the physical surroundings that attract her. Nadia feels an immediate connection with SMU’s vibrant and inclusive campus culture, where students exude warmth and openness. She views SMU as a nurturing environment that encourages exploration, embracing uncertainties, and fostering personal growth.

Nadia’s journey at SMU is poised to be transformative, empowering her to unlock her full potential. The university’s interactive pedagogy, commitment to community service, personalised academic pathways, and vibrant campus culture all converge to create an enriching experience. With enthusiasm and an unwavering sense of purpose, Nadia is ready to embark on this extraordinary chapter at SMU, where she will discover her true passions, make a positive impact, and forge a path toward a fulfilling future.

Learn more about Nadia and her reasons for choosing SMU here.



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