Meet Incoming Freshman: Chua Jia Xuan

By the SMU Digital Marketing Team 

For prospective students looking for a well-rounded university education to prepare you for the future, SMU offers a unique and holistic approach. Meet Chua Jia Xuan, an incoming Bachelor of Laws freshman, who perfectly embodies SMU’s commitment to interdisciplinary education.

SMU stands out with its flexibility in tailoring education to individual interests and passions. With over 500 double major and double degree combinations available, as well as a guaranteed second major for every student, SMU provides the opportunity to explore a wide range of interests. Jia Xuan is particularly excited about this aspect, as it allows her to choose a second major that complements her law degree. She plans to pursue Psychology as a second major, which will enhance her understanding of legal issues and equip her with valuable analytical skills for the future.



SMU’s commitment to community service is another key aspect that resonates with Jia Xuan. The university instils in its students the value of giving back and becoming responsible leaders. Jia Xuan has already made a significant impact in this area during her time at the School of the Arts (SOTA). She spearheaded Project Lullaby, an initiative aimed at promoting racial harmony and equity in education among Singaporean youths. Additionally, she organised a successful food drive in collaboration with the charity ‘Food from the Heart.’ Jia Xuan’s dedication to community service reflects SMU’s emphasis on creating positive change in society.

While Jia Xuan’s ultimate career path is still uncertain, her passion for championing justice and working towards a more equitable society is unwavering. Studying law at SMU provides her with an opportunity to enhance her understanding of complex legal issues and effectively communicate them to others. Whether she becomes a lawyer or explores other avenues, Jia Xuan is determined to make meaningful contributions and create a positive impact.



SMU’s holistic approach to education, offering flexibility in course selection, and nurturing a sense of social responsibility, makes it an ideal choice for students like Jia Xuan. By combining academic excellence with real-world experiences, SMU equips students with the skills and values they need to succeed in an ever-changing world.

Learn more about Jia Xuan and her reasons for choosing SMU here.



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