Meet Incoming Freshman of SMU 2023 – Chua Jia Xuan

By the SMU Digital Marketing Team 

For prospective students seeking a university that can provide them with the necessary tools and experiences to become future-ready, SMU offers a unique and holistic approach to education. The university firmly believes that a well-rounded education is essential to producing graduates who can navigate the complexities of the modern world.

This philosophy is embodied by Chua Jia Xuan, an incoming Bachelor of Laws freshman at SMU who exemplifies the university’s commitment to nurturing students through an interdisciplinary education. At SMU, students have the unique opportunity to tailor their education to their individual interests and passions. This flexibility not only allows students to explore a range of subjects and perspectives, but also offers the chance to pursue fields that may not be directly related to their career goals.


Quote by Chua Jia Xuan


Satiating a hunger for more

With an insatiable hunger for knowledge, Jia Xuan was most pleased to learn about SMU’s 500+ double major and double degree combinations on offer, as well as a guaranteed second major for every single student.

“This allows me to choose a major that would complement my degree, rather than restricting me to a major in the same area of study. In my case, I feel that taking Psychology as a second major will enhance my understanding of why certain laws or punishments are in place, or even equip me with analytical skills that may come in handy in the future.”

Explaining her choice of a second major, Jia Xuan alludes to a lifelong interest.

“I’ve always been interested in studying psychology, but couldn’t really picture myself working in the field,” she explains.

“Having the option to pick it as a second major on top of my Bachelor of Laws allows me to have the best of both worlds. The flexibility in choices for a second major in SMU was what made me decide on the University,” she says.


In pursuit of an equitable society

As a university, SMU has prioritised its commitment to instilling in its students the value of community service, helping them grow into responsible citizens who demonstrate leadership and integrity in their life and work. Jia Xuan is no stranger to community service, having spearheaded not one, but two community service initiatives, during her time at School of the Arts (SOTA).

“Inspired by projects we had taken part in during our earlier years at SOTA, my best friend and I decided to kickstart Project Lullaby. This project aimed to encourage racial harmony and equity in education amongst youths in Singapore, and we hoped to use the skills we had acquired to impact children’s lives,” she explains.

“We also organised a food drive in school where we worked with the food charity ‘Food from the Heart’ and coordinated volunteering sessions, as well as garnered donations from our schoolmates.”

“A fun fact about me: I hate fruits. I’m not sure if it’s due to a traumatic experience with fruits when I was too young to remember, but I can tolerate less than a handful of fruits. Perhaps it has resulted in me being short of some nutrients, which explains my height, or the lack of it,” jokes the affable SOTA graduate.

Thankfully, what Jia Xuan is missing in the nutrition department, or tall genes for that matter, has done little to influence her heart for service, which clearly pervades her life through her actions and decisions. “To me, studying law is an opportunity to enhance my understanding of complex legal issues and communicate them effectively to others,” she says.

“While I have not yet made up my mind to become a lawyer, I am passionate about championing justice in our society, and I am keeping an open mind to any career options in the legal field that will allow me to make a positive impact. Ultimately, my goal is to make meaningful contributions to the legal field and work towards a more just and equitable society.”



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