Meet Incoming Freshman of SMU 2022 – Elisha Tan

By the SMU Digital Marketing Team

If there is one thing that stands out in SMU’s latest incoming freshmen cohort, it is how diversity reigns. And while the latest additions to the SMU family hail from different backgrounds and boast varied interests, they all share a common goal: to gain a holistic, engaged and transformative education at this premier university in Asia.

Brimming with enthusiasm, these newcomers also bring with them a wealth of experiences and perspectives. They’re passionate about making a difference, from starting their businesses to working on cutting-edge research projects and volunteering in their local communities.

Join us in extending our warmest welcome to SMU Bachelor of Laws student, Elisha Tan. With many migrant workers face challenges adjusting to life in a new country, the situation is not made better with a drawn-out pandemic. Being a Humanities Scholar, Elisha decided to tap on his strong command of languages to teach English to foreign workers. His efforts went a long way in helping workers to overcome the language barrier, as part of the Project Peace Foreign Friends Community Outreach initiative. The ACS (Independent) alumnus also drafted a proposed bill for compulsory preschool education as part of the Moot Parliamentary Programme by the Ministry of Education.

Hear from Elisha on his interests and what he is looking forward to achieve at SMU.



What are some of your interests beyond academic goals?

Community is vital to me, so I like spending time with family and my friends from church and school. I enjoy cycling and running with them, especially along the Green Corridor. I also love interacting with new people, which is why I am teaching foreign friends and migrant workers how to speak English better. Talking to them and hearing their stories helps me appreciate what they go through when working here.


Why did you decide on SMU?

I knew I wanted to be trained in law, on home ground. One crucial consideration is that SMU offers an excellent grounding in legal studies in the local context, while presenting global perspectives in the form of overseas exchange programmes and internships.

Another vital factor is the opportunity to serve the community through pro bono work. SMU’s Pro Bono Centre is at the forefront of serving the public and students through student-led initiatives and its legal clinic. I am excited to be part of its community service activities.

Lastly, SMU is people-centred and cares for its students. For example, although the questions during the admissions interview were tough, they were conveyed in a way that was kind and empathetic. I was encouraged to speak up despite my quiet nature. In addition, I was genuinely touched by the care packs sent to my home during the Covid period. These seemingly little things went a long way in building relationships with students.


Complete this sentence: I am excited to be a SMUgger because…

I’ll feel right at home.



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