SMU Events Every Freshie Needs to Check Out

By the SMU Social Media Team

Calling all freshies, are you feeling a little overwhelmed about starting the new uni year? A little excited? A little nervous? Or maybe all of the above? Fret not because we’ve got you covered on how to fit right in and start being a cool kid (or at least, sitting with the cool kids). Here’re some upcoming events that every freshman should look out for to start university life on a high!


Freshmen Orientation Camps (June to August)



Summer is also camp season here at SMU. From June to August, the calendar is practically filled with camp events – a time for fun experiences and to help any lost and confused freshie get a sense of what SMU has to offer!

There is, of course, the main Freshmen Orientation Camp where freshies get together to break the ice and find new buddies who will see you through the next four years of experiences up-ways and down-ways, side-ways and slant-ways and… you get the picture.

Not forgetting other more niche camps such as the Faculty Camps, CCA Camps, CSP (Community Service Project) Camps, and ICON Camp. The SMU Students’ Association website provides a useful overview of the various camps to sign up for that is most suited for your personality or interests.


Academic Year Opening Day (August)

While we traditionally hold a convocation ceremony for all freshmen, this year we’ve done an overhaul to bring our 2017 incoming freshies a brand new experience with the Academic Year Opening Day! This day kicks off with welcome activities by your respective schools to mark the start of a brand new journey. It’s a great time to reunite with buddies from the various freshmen camps and to introduce yourself to new faces whom you’ll be seeing very soon when the academic year begins on 21 August.

Come afternoon, it’s time for a switch up to experience what SMU student life is all about with our annual VIVACE. Read on to find out what it’s all about!


VIVACE (August)

Named after the adverb/adjective that describes “in a lively and brisk manner”, VIVACE is SMU’s annual CCA fair where more than 100 student clubs come together to pull off a showcase of a lifetime. Aside from school clubs, CCA clubs are also another great way to cultivate a holistic university experience. Students discover their passion and look for something they are willing to work towards with self-discipline, and that is one of the most important lessons that university teaches individuals. You can also enjoy the performances prepared by the various student clubs. Whether you do find your true calling, you can certainly expect a jam-packed day of fun and discovery.

Check out the video highlights from the 2018 SMU Academic Opening Day:


Freshmen Bash (August)



Ending the entire freshmen orientation period off with a bang is the Freshmen Bash. Let’s just call it what it is: a party to end all parties. The annual bash fetes new bonds bonding and the start of university life. Immerse yourself in a night of drinks, music and the new friends you’ve made and don’t miss the performances by Mr and Ms SMU pageant finalists! You can take this chance to come and support your friends at the pageant or be part of the search for SMU hotness yourself.


There are tons of camps and activities for the diverse spectrum of individuals enrolling into SMU. So, open up, stay connected, and stay lit, freshies!