CCAs Go! Gotta Catch ‘Em All at VIVACE

By VIVACE Organising Committee 2016, SMU

Did you know that the word ‘vivace’ is an Italian music term that directs the music to be performed in a lively, upbeat tempo? Think ‘vivacious’ and you’ll pretty much get an idea of what you can expect at SMU’s VIVACE!


Samba Masala at VIVACE 2015


As the final installment of your freshmen experience, VIVACE wraps up the Hunger Games narrative on Friday, 26 August. Catch a glimpse of over 100 co-curricular activities (CCAs) down at SMU’s annual CCA fair!

Back when I was a first-year undergrad—in the long lost days of marvelling at the use of laptops (as a senior, I no longer remember the last time I owned a pencil case)—I was definitely at a loss as to which CCA would fit me best. I received plenty of emails from the various CCAs. Each headline exclaimed the CCA’s past glories. Pictures of the club’s more photogenic members were attached and the sign-up links were bolded and underlined.

Naturally, I enthusiastically signed up for one CCA… and then another… and, oh, why not this one, just because their tagline rocks!

I shake my head at my younger self.

The best way to find a CCA that really makes your eyes go wide and your blood pumping fast is to experience it first-hand. Luckily, VIVACE saves you the trouble of attending multiple clinics and lets you try out all the CCAs at one go!




Sprawled across the T-junction (or the SMU basement concourse) and the atrium at LKCSB (or Lee Kong Chian School of Business, if you don’t already know), you can make your way from booth to booth and talk to friendly seniors. Not only that, you can even try out different activities available at the various booths and show off your swag!

Feeling a little shy, but still want to know what the CCA is all about? VIVACE’s got you covered too. There will be exhilarating performances and showcases right where the booths are. So be sure to catch the live dance, music and martial arts performances happening there! My tip will be to start from one end, pick up your free VIVACE goodie bag and handy brochure, and make your way to the other end. To make navigation easy, the various booths this year are split into different sections or—following the Hunger Games theme—‘districts’.

From the various intelligent social societies, the affable International Connections (ICON), the ravishing Arts & Cultural Fraternity (ACF), the diverse interest groups and beneficiaries within the Special Interest and Community Service Sodality (SICS), and lastly, to the dexterous SMU Sports Union (SSU), and SMUXtremists (SMUX)—you’ve Gotta Catch ‘Em All!


Taekwondo at VIVACE 2015


“Really, SMU has a vibrant culture. Get the right CCA, and you get a good mix of academics and student life.”


Even SMU seniors are wowed by this year’s VIVACE preparations. “The combination of all the clubs coming together—it really encapsulates ‘Might of one, strength from all’,” said Brandon, referring to SSU’s motto. “Really, SMU has a vibrant culture. Get the right CCA, and you get a good mix of academics and student life.”

So don’t miss out on this last freshmen adventure at VIVACE, before the actual Hunger Games lessons begin! Just for one quintessential Friday, find your passion, meet like-minded individuals and, most importantly, have a great time! Once again, may the odds be ever in your favour.

VIVACE 2016 will be happening on Friday, 26 August from 11AM to 6PM at the SMU basement concourse (next to Bras Basah MRT station).