Student life at SMU: A co-curricular activities (CCA) primer


By the SMU Social Media Team


SMU’s vibrant student life has attained legendary status, not just because our students are unabatedly passionate about their co-curricular activities (CCAs), but because they are given the necessary support by the university to thrive. Here’s a peek into just an iota of the CCAs that await you if you do eventually decide to make SMU your home for the next couple of years. And remember, if the current crop of CCAs don’t capture your fancy, you’re more than welcome to make a case for setting up your own!



SMU CCAs co-curricular activities - dance clubs

No matter if you’re into Funk, Latin, Hip Hop or Modern Dance, SMU plays host to numerous dance clubs that cover the major genres. Even if you lack a dance background, these clubs will happily take you in and show you the ropes. Very soon, you’ll be pulling off slick cross-body leads or popping and locking to the applause of appreciative audiences—oftentimes across the globe. SMU’s dance clubs are highly accomplished and have won several major competitions, including a sweep of three major titles at the Barcelona Dance Grand Prix 2014 (Latin, Hip Hop and Contemporary categories). For a more detailed rundown on these clubs, which include Ardiente, Ballare, Caderas Latinas, Eurhythmix, InDanCity and Funk Movement, read student blogger Miguel’s article Moving to the Rhythm of SMU.

Other clubs within the Arts milieu range from guitar playing and photography to theatre and cultural performing arts—your avenues for creative self-expression are virtually limitless!


Martial Arts

SMU CCAs co-curricular activities - martial arts clubs

Perhaps dabbling in the Arts lacks the impact you crave. Need something more hard-hitting, literally? Well, put on your gloves and give these martial arts clubs a (liver) shot. Aikido, Capoeira, Judo, Muay Thai, Wushu, Fencing… the exhaustive list of martial arts clubs will surely sate your thirst for combat. And joyous news for those with aspirations of entering the UFC or ONE FC cage at some point—there’s even a mixed martial arts (MMA) club that will hone your striking and submission skills in a respectful, safe and accessible environment.


Water Sports

SMU CCAs co-curricular activities - water sports clubs

Water babies, don’t feel left out! You’ll be able to dive into a bevy of water sports clubs which include Kayaking, Dragonboat, Wakeboarding and Sailing. If you prefer pool-based sports, you can consider joining the fearsome-sounding-but-actually-quite-friendly Aquatic Sharks, SMU’s swimming and water-polo club. Or if you relish the challenge of stretching the limits of your endurance both in the water and out of it, take a stab at Aquathlon. Whichever club you choose, there’ll be ample opportunities for you to make waves.

Oh yes, speaking of pools, did you know that there is a pool located on the 6th floor of the SMU Administration Building?


International Clubs

SMU CCAs co-curricular activities - international clubs

There’s no better way to settle into a new country and cultural environment than interacting constantly with the locals. International Connections, cleverly abbreviated as ICON, aims to help international students do just that. Comprising a good mix of international and local students, ICON organises activities and programmes year-round to encourage cross-cultural learning and understanding. If you’d like to make friends from all over the world, look no further!

Other cultural clubs within SMU include the Indian Cultural Society (ICS), Malay Language & Cultural Club (MLCC) and SMU Komunitas Indonesia (SMUKI). Joining these clubs will put you on the fast track towards expanding your worldview.


Special Interest Clubs

SMU CCAs co-curricular activities - special interest clubs

Think your area of interest is too niche to warrant a club of its own? Think again—such a club probably already exists at SMU. Fancy regular bouts of board gaming? Consider Strategica. Looking to channel your Cocktail-era Tom Cruise? Boost your knowledge of liquor and sharpen your bartending skills with SMU Barworks. Rubbing your hands gleefully at the idea of pwning your friends in competitive FPS? SMU E-Sports will welcome you with open arms. And are you wondering why there are cute doggies in the pic above? That’s because SMU has a club, People for Animal Welfare (PAW), dedicated to raising awareness of animal abuse and promoting responsible pet ownership.


In short, there is absolutely no shortage of CCA options for you to choose from. As a corollary to that, there are countless opportunities to develop soft skills such as leadership, negotiation and interpersonal communication. Be sure to pop by our Open House on 7 and 8 March 2015 to find out more about these student clubs! And don’t forget—SMU undergraduate admissions are currently open. Visit to apply now.

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