What Does It Mean to Have a Personalised Degree?

By the SMU Social Media Team

Personalisation has been a big thing in the consumer market for a while now—customised cars, bespoke jewellery, personal banking and unique fashion are just a few examples. But can the same be done for education?

Most definitely, and it is exactly what Singapore Management University (SMU) is offering with its undergraduate programme. This isn’t just about WHAT you study; it’s also about HOW you study.


From jobs to superjobs

The world is changing and organisations have to adapt in order to survive and grow, and become more agile and flexible. That means jobs of the future will be more digital and more multidisciplinary—what consultancy Deloitte calls ‘superjobs’. When you enter the job market at the end of your studies, you will have a real advantage if you have a range of skills, knowledge and experiences that can help you do such superjobs.


But it’s not all about finding a job

While an education that can help one find a job after graduation is a big factor when it comes to choosing one’s university, it’s not the only consideration. Your experiences and learning journey in the university matter as well. Many universities talk about these things, but SMU has put these ideas into action by giving you a great opportunity to personalise your studies.


So, what is SMU offering?

Here are just some of the things SMU is doing to allow you to personalise your learning journey:



Did you know there are over 300 double major and over 20 double degree combinations to choose from at SMU? This gives you genuine flexibility to study exactly what you want. SMU helps you curate your own learning journey by offering a guaranteed choice of second majors across all six Schools, allowing you to design your super-degree for the superjobs of the future.


Interactive pedagogy

The traditional model of large lectures, where students just sit and listen to the professor, is a thing of the past in SMU. Seminar-style teaching and small class sizes mean more opportunity for you to ask questions and steer your learning in the direction you want.



Real interaction

Ask any SMU alumni about their biggest takeaways from their time at SMU, and chances are they will talk about the value of their interactions with their professors. Small class sizes and seminar-style learning help make this happen, and also foster meaningful debate with peers from the same or different disciplines. Of course, you only get out of the experience what you put in, but you will definitely have a lot of opportunities to make it work for you.




We’re all different, and SMU recognises that some students want to fast-track their studies. So you have the chance to tailor your degree to complete your studies in either three, three and a half, or four years—it’s up to you!


Going the Xtra mile

Apart from your classes, you can also glean a lot from SMU-X courses. These are ‘sandboxes’ that allow you to work in teams with students from other disciplines, be mentored by strategic industry partners, and become consultants offering solutions to real-world problems. SMU-X offers a wide range of programmes for you to choose from, so you can gain insights and valuable experience regarding specific areas of interest. There is even a global exposure component for the SMU-X Overseas courses!


All work and no play?

Far from it! SMU offers a wide range of student clubs (more than 120 to be exact!), activities and events. There is always something going on, which means you always have opportunities to chill out, make new friends, make a difference and have FUN.