4 Ways to Get a Personalised University Education

By the SMU Social Media Team

Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have dropped hundreds of millions of dollars in support of personalised learning. Research has also shown that an educational system that engages the diverse needs of students is imperative. While the importance of customising the learning experience applies to all levels, “personalisation” is highly applicable to higher education. To stimulate thought and engagement, the traditional university model has shifted from being passive and instructor-centric, to one that actively involves the student. Rather than sit back and — hopefully — absorb information in a massive lecture, students can gain so much more from a university education by being participants in their individual learning journeys. Here’s how:


1. Small is more

Size does matter in an educational institution, and SMU has shown how interactive teaching environments in small-size classes produce graduates well-prepared for the demands of the real world. A study by IDEA, a non-profit organisation focused on improving higher education, also found that students report greater instructor use of hands-on projects, real-life activities, projects requiring original or creative thinking, group work, and collaborative learning in small- or medium-sized classes. Hence, the first step to a personalised education is a school like SMU, known for its interactive and technologically enabled pedagogy of seminar-style teaching and small class sizes.


Seminar style teaching


2. Get involved

Just like how you want a lively social media feed that engages your followers, you should also seek an interactive learning environment to maximise your learning potential. You might have a one-on-one class with your favourite professor, but it will not amount to much if you haven’t done your required research or don’t offer your own opinions for a productive discussion. At SMU, you become the centre of your learning experience together with your professor and 44 students in a purpose-built seminar room. Debates with your peers and professors are common, and there is a strong professor-student interaction, fostering open discussions and the exchange of ideas.


3. Go broad

Last-minute cramming might have helped you breeze through exams, but for an education that truly matters, aim for a holistic experience as a university student. SMU’s diverse student body and incorporation of leadership and soft skills training in its undergrad programme creates all-rounded grads, not just folks who are great at regurgitating a textbook. Moreover, specially curated SMU-X courses are sandboxes that allow students from different disciplines to work in teams, be mentored by strategic industry partners, and become consultants offering solutions to problems flagged by industry leaders.



4. Be versatile

Take control of your learning by designing a degree combination tailored just for you. Today’s jobs are complex and require a broad range of capabilities. At SMU, students have the flexibility to personalise their degree with 15 combinations of a double degree, and over 300 possible combinations of 43 majors and tracks. Students are empowered to choose disciplines across six schools to pursue their personal interests and passions. This multidisciplinary learning allows grads to gain an edge over the competition with diverse career opportunities.


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