5 Scholarships and Grants to Apply for Right Now

By the SMU Social Media Team

The idea of being a scholar can sometimes sound quite intimidating and out of reach for some students. Even if you were sure you couldn’t win a scholarship, don’t give up on applying before you’ve even given yourself a chance.

Have a laudable track record in sports? Demonstrated outstanding leadership within or outside of your school? SMU offers a wide range of scholarships awarded by SMU, donor organisations and philanthropists to help you excel in university and strong academic results, while important, isn’t the sole criteria.

But scholarships are not the only means to help you fund your studies. Every student deserves a fair opportunity at a good education. If you’re facing financial difficulties there are various financial aid schemes available that could help you. SMU provides an online Student Financial Needs Calculator to help you determine your eligibility status and the type and quantum of financial aid that you may qualify for.

With over 400 scholarships, bursaries and financial aid available for both prospective students and current undergraduates, which is the right one for you? We’ve picked the top five most coveted bond-free scholarships and financial aid schemes to consider according to your profile:


1. The Future Leader

Do you see yourself as more a leader than a doer? Are you up to the challenge of solving complex global and local issues that impact society? Then the Global Impact Scholarship, SMU’s premier flagship award that aims to nurture a new generation of Singaporean leaders, might just be for you. Each scholar’s leadership potential is realised not just through financial support—covering tuition fees and other allowances and grants—but an entirely transformative learning experience. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Three SMU-X courses, taught in collaboration with industry partners in the public and private sectors, have been tailored for Global Impact Scholars.
  • There are also various global exposure opportunities in the form of overseas community service projects, scholars’ study mission and exchange programmes including a special summer programme with the University of Cambridge or University of Oxford.
  • Global Impact Scholars will also have the opportunity to participate in a Bachelor’s and Master’s Combined Degree programme that could be completed in as short a time as four years.


2. The Brainy Philanthropreneur 

If you’re looking for a scholarship that champions the spirit of giving back to society, the Lee Kong Chian Scholars’ Programme (LKCSP) is one to look out for. Founded upon the ethos of philanthropy and focused on developing future-ready business leaders with a strong social conscience, the philanthropreneur in you can greatly benefit from the opportunities this scholarship presents.Long established as one of SMU’s most prestigious scholarships, the LKCSP is eligible to high-calibre SMU first-year undergraduates of any nationality pursuing a double degree programme, with Business Management as one of the two degrees.


3. The Sports Star  

Named after three-time Paralympic gold medallist Yip Pin Xiu, SMU’s first full sports scholarship promotes excellence in sports and the values demonstrated by the Paralympian, including hard work, dedication, resilience at the highest levels, humility and leadership.

The Yip Pin Xiu Scholarship is open to Singaporean athletes who have excelled in sports at the international level and with the potential and plans to continue to represent Singapore and achieve further glory. They must also possess good academic results and have gained admission to a full-time undergraduate degree programme at SMU.


4. The Lower Income High Achiever   

A new financial aid initiative called SMU Access guarantees that all eligible financially needy Singaporean students will receive coverage for 100% of their tuition fees throughout the four years of undergraduate studies at SMU. Without any limitation on the number of recipients, the bond-free SMU Access grant is available to all SMU undergraduates who meet the eligibility criteria, which includes a gross household monthly per capita income of under $625, and the student’s residence to be a 3-room type HDB flat or smaller.


5. The Free-spirited Scholar  

If you’re looking for a scholarship with no restrictions on what you can study, the SMU Merit Scholarship is a perfect choice. This scholarship is the answer to holistic growth, with the flexibility to take on either a single or double degree with a full four-year tuition fee waiver. Beyond that, it also offers a $12,000 growth opportunities allowance that will go to funding overseas community service projects, overseas student exchanges and study missions, as well as case competitions and presentations at conferences.


Watch as Professor Ong Siow Heng, Director of SMU’s Centre for Scholars’ Development take you through each of the scholarships offered at SMU:


Learn more about the scholarships and financial assistance schemes available for undergraduates at SMU.


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