5 Reasons to Hangout at Patron’s Day 2018 this Friyay!

By the SMU Patron’s Day Organising Committee 2018

We’re taking over Campus Green to celebrate SMU Patron’s Day this Friday (26 January 2018)! Our annual signature event is getting a massive power boost this year and everyone (yes, everyone!) is invited to this party in the city. Tick off these 5 activities on your Patron’s Day checklist to make sure you don’t miss an ounce of fun this Friyay.


1. AMplify Your Senses!


SMU Patron's Day 2018 Performances


SMU Patron’s Day 2018 (PD18) promises an electrifying line-up of performances by students and alumni groups such as Samba Masala and City Samba, as well as the ever-popular Eurhythmix and Eluminix. And topping off the night are appearances by some of the hottest local acts including Jasmine Sokko, Joanna Dong, Gentle Bones and Jinx Yeo!

Find out more about the line-up here.


2. Be AMazed With Your Superhuman Abilities!


SMU Patron's Day 2018 Games


Anyone can be a hero at PD18! Get into character by taking part in games such as HADO, Singapore’s first eSport using Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Get ready for a virtual battlefield brought to life right here on our campus grounds! Hado is just one of the seven exciting carnival games we have in store for you.

Check out the other awesome games here.


3. AMuse Your Palate!


SMU Patron's Day 2018 Food


Foodgasm alert! Favorite foods from all around the island will be gathering here at PD18. Be tempted by savoury delights such as the perennial favourite Beef Don or the ever-popular Salted Egg Burger. Satisfy your sweet tooth with decadent treats such as Cold Shave bowls and delicious churros. Pair these scrumptious meals with a wide selection of drinks including signature mocktails, cocktails, and beers.

Check out the list of munchies here and prepare to feast!


4. Shop More to Gift AMoré!


SMU Patron's Day 2018 Makers' Market


PD18’s Makers’ Market presents a curated shopping haven with unique treasures to be found. Whether it’s a trinket to pamper yourself with or a gift for someone on your mind, there’s much to see. Best of all, contributions will help the 8 social causes we’re supporting. Feel the power of love, shop more to gift more.


5. Power your AMbition!


SMU Patron's Day 2018 Smoonopoly


Participate in SMOOnopoly, SMU’s signature monopoly tournament. Be the smartest, fastest, and richest player to win attractive prizes! Winners will also be a heroes to worthy causes by contributing to a charity of their choice. Gather your friends and head on down to Campus Green for a powerful day of festivities lined up just for you! Get ready and power up for day of (em)power(ment)!


For more information, visit https://www.smu.edu.sg/smupatronsday.