Guidance From a #GirlBoss: Tiziana Tan believes in the power of teamwork

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. Besides finding the right people to fight alongside you, Tiziana Tan’s personal mantra is to ‘laugh at the odds’. We find out more inside tips from this #GirlBoss who is putting her best foot forward social innovation and impact.

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Adulting 101: Life Lessons I’ve Picked Up as a Student Leader

The idea of bills, work and no play is enough to put anyone off the concept of adulting. Let our student leaders take you through how their experiences are shaping them to conquer the challenges of adulthood.

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Unequal Burdens: How COVID-19 Impacts Working Women

The World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2020 states that the gender gap in economic participation will take a staggering 257 years to close. In the times of COVID-19, such gender gap trends are only being crystallised and accelerated. SMU Assistant Professor Aliya Hamid Rao tells us more.

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One Year On With Bryan Tay, SMU Accountancy Freshman

One year on, we’ve caught up with Fenston Lewitt Founder and Accountancy Freshman Bryan Tay to find out how his first year at SMU has been like so far.

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One Year On with Amanda Lim, SMU Business Freshman

We last spoke with Amanda Lim in 2019, just before she had joined SMU. One year on, we’ve caught up with the Business Freshman to find out how she’s been doing this past year.

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How to Choose Your University

Choosing which university to attend is akin to choosing your way of life for four entire years. Here are some areas of consideration for your university selection process. Read More

Who do SMU students hope to work for?

The latest CareerBuilder Singapore survey reveals the Ministry of Education and Google as the employers-of-choice in the public and private sector respectively. Do the same employers top our students' list? Read More

Our MBA journey: from a class to a family

When he left the Philippines to begin his life as an MBA student with SMU this year, Andrew was apprehensive and did not know what to expect. Little did he know that he was embarking on an unforgettable adventure. Read more to find out about his journey! Read More

Making waves, chasing the sun

The SMU Sailing Club turns 10 this year. In this CCA feature, we learn more about the team's growing pains and how our sailors bonded not only through victories but failures as well. Read More