Seniors Say: 5+ Must-know Campus Study Spots at SMU

By the SMU Social Media Team 

For some, home might be the best place to get cracking on those tutorial notes and readings. After all, familiar grounds paired with creature comforts make it the perfect place to hole up at for hours at a stretch.

However, others might find it an uphill task to focus on the lengthy readings while resisting the urge to catch up on Netflix or crawl back under the sheets for a not-so-short snooze. Whether you need to prep for the exams or catch up on project work—alone or with your best buds—finding a conducive space is not always easy.

With the help of your SMU seniors, we’ve sussed out the best spots on campus so you don’t have to wait around for a free table at Starbucks or some new hipster cafe. Who else would know better than the very people who’ve done many a mad dash in their time at SMU to claim the perfect spot for mugging up.

We present the definitive guide to the top SMU campus study spots!


SMU Libraries

It comes as no surprise that our libraries are top on the list. With state-of-the-art facilities, WIFI, electrical plugs and quiet individual carrels and meeting rooms, those striving for maximum productivity with minimal distractions will appreciate the tranquil space.


Li Ka Shing Library


Covering an expansive space of 8,800 square metres with 1,800 seats, you don’t have to fret about vying for elbow space—or any space in general—at the Li Ka Shing Library. While this main library stays open till midnight on the weekdays and 9PM on the weekends—except public holidays—night owls who function better in the wee hours will be delighted with the 24/7 conducive learning space at the Learning Commons. Bonus: The library also has a Graduate Lounge on Level 5 that’s dedicated for graduate students.

Did we say “libraries”? Yeap! In 2017, SMU opened its second library—the Kwa Geok Choo Law Library—which spans 2,200 square metres with 500 seats. With its clean lines, modern design and large amounts of natural light, you’ll definitely feel more energised to keep going.


Kwa Geok Choo Law Library


Mug and Boba

Who doesn’t love a good boba (bubble) tea? And boy are we glad Gong Cha made a come back in Singapore and finding a home at our Lee Kong Chian School of Business (LKCSB) building! With a large number of alfresco seats and super convenient self-order kiosks, it’s a favourite haunt for our SMUggers to ‘mug and boba’.

For those who are not too keen on getting a bubble tea, there are many seats around the wide open space of the LKCSB atrium, equipped with charging points as well!


LKCSB Atrium Study Spots


School of Social Sciences and School of Economic Study Lounges

One of the most coveted spots on campus, the air-conditioned study lounges at the ground level and basement concourse of the School of Social Sciences and School of Economics building offer a relatively quiet, conducive study environment for students. With a total of 375 seats—added as part of a project to enhance campus facilities—do go early to snag a spot as these fill up fast!


SOE SOSS Study Lounge


Group Study Rooms

If you prefer exclusivity, these study rooms are your best bet. While these air-conditioned group study rooms are aplenty and scattered across the campus, you’ll need to plan ahead and book them in advance. The only caveat is that you’ll need one other friend to make a booking on OASIS—the online facility booking system. With rooms of various sizes, you can gather a few study mates to tackle the books together, for up to three hours per booking.


Benches, Benches Everywhere


Benches Around Campus


While not the top choice for most, thanks to the lack of air-conditioning and occasional noise disturbances, the open benches on campus do have their plus points. Less restrictive than a library environment, feel free to snack on chips or perk up with a cuppa while you’re in the midst of studying. Need to consult a friend on a particularly complex topic? You won’t get shushed for it.


Make the ConneXion



Although we had to bid a sad adieu to the SMU Labs, this cool new addition to our SMU campus is most definitely more than welcomed! Boasting 5-storey zero-energy building right here in the city centre, the SMU Connexion offers many interestingly designed nooks and crannies for our SMUggers to study in peace.

Need a spot for group discussions but don’t want to disturb fellow students next to you? Take up a spot at the Meeting Pods or Chatterboxes. If you need to catch forty winks in between your mugging, there are even sleeping pods available! And though we know this is a blog about “study spots” we can’t resist mentioning the cool new “Makerspace” that is equipped with 3D printers and handy tools for students to create and build prototypes for their SMU-X projects!



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