Knowledge reshapes destiny: A look at the SMU Li Ka Shing Library

Written by Sandra Boesch, SMU Li Ka Shing Library

The great Roman orator Marcus Tullius Cicero once said, “A room without books is like a body without a soul.” Libraries are special places because of the sheer volume of knowledge contained therein. And there is a certain unspoken, elegant simplicity found at the SMU Li Ka Shing Library.

SMU Li Ka Shing Library: View of the Campus Green

View of the Campus Green

For a student, a library creates an ideal mindset for proper study habits. At the Li Ka Shing Library, we have Quiet Areas on every floor, as well as quiet individual carrels, perfect for spending time in deep reflection, concentration and for finalising all those project assignments and term papers that are due!

SMU Li Ka Shing Library: Study carrels

Study carrels

This August, the Li Ka Shing Library will have an official 24×7 area for those students wanting to spend additional time studying and doing research! Additionally, the library is full of spaces for collaborative work. Seating that encourages group projects and discussions can be found on all levels as well as in library project rooms.

SMU Li Ka Shing Library: Collaborative seating

Collaborative seating

For the student, the Li Ka Shing Library also provides access to Research Librarians.  There is a wealth of knowledge not held in books within these minds. They will not only answer your queries and teach you how to do research, they will make you smile!

The Li Ka Shing Library is more than a collection of books. The library revolutionises access to information. Thousands of databases are accessible with a click of the mouse anywhere, anytime. Even the most serious technophile will be satisfied with Pyxis+, the library’s one-stop research discovery tool.



Intrigued? Drop by during the SMU Open House 2014 to find out how the Li Ka Shing Library supports the creative, innovative, visionary minds of SMU’s faculty and students–serving as the catalyst for advancing knowledge and understanding of the world.

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