My SMU Economics Freshman Year: Carissa Chen

By Carissa Chen, SMU School of Economics

Life in junior college was so hectic and fast-paced due to the constant stress and grind of A-Level preparations. It wasn’t until the end of my second year in Temasek Junior College that I began thinking of university and the whole new phase of my life that it would bring about. Upon receiving my results, I still hadn’t a clue which university I had a preference for.

This all changed when I had the opportunity to attend the open houses of the various Singapore universities. It was almost immediately clear to me that SMU was the place I wanted to be. Stepping into the campus on open house day, I was instantly struck by the warm, inviting atmosphere that the students had created. They were friendly, enthusiastic, and all carried themselves with such sprightly confidence that left me utterly impressed.

In choosing which programme to apply for, I sought the guidance of my seniors so that I could make a more informed decision. After much deliberation, I settled with SMU’s Bachelor of Science (Economics) as its programme offered me many opportunities and is largely related to what I want to do in the future.

Like any applicant, I was nervous for my interview. Fortunately, the amiable professors caused my feelings of anxiety to gradually dissipate, allowing me to regain my composure and enjoy the remainder of the interview process. My tip to prospective students who are going for their admissions interviews is to ensure you actively engage in the discussion topic, provide insights whenever you can, and most definitely—stay calm. Think of it as having a casual, meaningful conversation with a friend and things will go fine!

I ultimately chose SMU as I was greatly drawn to the fact that lessons are held in seminar rooms. I also felt that SMU provides a conducive environment for me to constantly improve myself and that this would better prepare me for the ever-changing working world. The vibrant culture that SMU displays and sense of belonging it makes me feel are also some of the factors that sealed the deal for me.

One semester has flown by in a blink of an eye, but I can assuredly say that I have enjoyed myself here tremendously. Through the numerous camps that I attended at the start of the semester, I’ve made many precious friendships that I will always treasure. Whenever I encounter difficulties in university life, I can always count on my friends to encourage me and lend a helping hand. In addition to this, I also appreciate the freedom of time that I have here. Having enjoyed my first semester here, I honestly can’t wait for the rest of my 3.5 years in SMU!


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  1. Ching Yee

    Great article..

    SMU has so far one of the best environments for graduates to learn & engage in real life/simulations of what the work place would be like eventually.

    Yes, it is very important especially when we go out to work in society to be able to engage in good discussions without the need of arguing or allowing our emotions to cloud our judgement.

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