Why I Chose SMU – Social Sciences Undergraduate Putri Eka Mayliani 

By the SMU Digital Marketing team 

Curious about why so many students choose SMU over other universities? Meet Putri Eka Mayliani, a third-year student at SMU School of Social Sciences (SOSS), who shares her insights on why she decided on SMU and how it’s shaping her future. From its strategic city location to its unique teaching approach and diverse opportunities for personal and professional growth, discover why SMU might be the perfect fit for you. 


What made you choose SMU when you were deciding on a university?

I chose SMU primarily for its prime location in the city and its unique teaching pedagogy. The small class sizes here particularly impressed me, as it offered a more focused and curated learning experience compared to traditional mass lectures.  


What’s your favourite course so far, and why?

Social Psychology stands out as my favourite as its concepts were not only intriguing but also highly relevant to my everyday experiences. Strategic Communications comes in a very close second – the course was not only enjoyable but also enriched with practical, real-life examples that made learning engaging and memorable. 


What is one quality that you have been able to nurture at SMU that would likely have a lasting impact in your life?

I consider the ability to confidently engage in public speaking and professional interactions as a crucial attribute. My experience at SMU has significantly bolstered my assertiveness, which I view as a valuable asset applicable across different life stages. 


Eka (centre) making memories with her SMU squad

Eka (centre) making memories with her SMU squad


What sort of global exposure programme do you plan to embark on?

In my final year, I’ll embark on an exchange to York University in Canada, which I anticipate will be a highlight of my university journey. York University offers a plethora of Psychology-related courses, and I’ll be accompanied by friends from the same programme. This opportunity promises not only academic enrichment but also personal growth through exposure to diverse cultures and the chance to forge new friendships and connections. 


How has SMU prepared you for your career aspirations?

SMU has significantly bolstered my confidence and communication skills, which I consider pivotal for success in my future career. Through its innovative curriculum, SMU has also provided invaluable insights into the evolving work landscape. For instance, we are constantly reminded to remain adaptable in the face of advancing technology so as to better position ourselves in our career. 


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