Meet Incoming Freshman of SMU 2023 – Syakirah Bte Selamat

By the SMU Digital Marketing Team 

To prepare for the jobs of tomorrow, academic excellence is no longer the sole focus of students looking to stand out among their peers. With employers on the lookout for candidates who demonstrate a strong commitment to their communities, and who use their skills and knowledge to create positive impact to those around them, let’s just say being a well-rounded student today takes a lot more than scoring As while juggling a CCA.

It is therefore by no coincidence that SMU takes it upon itself to nurture students who are not only intellectually curious, but also empathetic and socially responsible, and who are eager to contribute to society through leadership and service.

One of the fresh new faces joining the SMU family this year is incoming SMU Bachelor of Social Science (Politics, Law and Economics) undergraduate Syakirah Bte Selamat, a brilliant young lady who brings with her a creative mind—and a heart of service.

During her time at Temasek Polytechnic (TP), Syakirah spearheaded and participated in numerous community service projects and volunteering initiatives, including the Pro Bono Scheme at the Community Justice Courts.


Quote by Syakirah Bte Selamat


Skilling-up with myriad interests

At a glance, one might be hard-pressed to discern the wealth of experience that Syakirah hides behind her youthful exterior. A well-rounded individual, Syakirah truly embodies her own words when she professes her passion for learning.

“I am always looking for new and exciting things to explore. I may not be specialised in any one area, but I find fulfilment in being well-rounded and knowledgeable in a variety of interests,” she muses amiably. Humble words for one who has received recognition through multiple Edusave awards, as well as having been placed on the Director’s List at her alma mater, Temasek Polytechnic.

As to what drives her, Syakirah considers herself an achievement-driven individual, who determinedly works hard to achieve her good grades.

But Syakirah is nowhere near satisfied with her achievements in her studies. Her passion for learning extends far beyond the classroom.

“Since I was pursuing a Diploma in Law & Management at TP, I took part in activities that I believe would help in my personal development such as debating and emceeing,” she shares.

“I am also pursuing a part-time diploma in Islamic Studies as I wish to delve deeper into and better understand my religion and culture.”

It is perhaps this passion to learn that contributed to Syakirah’s decision to apply to SMU. The university has consistently worked towards providing students with a holistic education, both inside and outside of the classroom, with a wide array of student clubs to suit every interest.


Leveraging on hands-on learning experience

One of the aspects of SMU’s teaching pedagogy that resonated most with Syakirah is the university’s emphasis on offering students a hands-on learning experience. As she states: “I value this practical and hands-on learning aspect, because I feel that it will give me a leverage when I enter the workforce.

On top of that, I look forward to tapping on SMU’s network of industry professionals, which will give me opportunities to not only connect with industry leaders, but to also gain valuable practical experience before I enter the workforce.”

Calling herself someone who values being part of a community, Syakirah is eager to join the SMU family and meet with members of the University’s faculty – known for their commitment in guiding and mentoring students to excel in their respective areas of specialisation.

Believing that this will go a long way in her development, Syakirah expresses, “I also look forward to surrounding myself with like-minded peers who are in pursuit of the same desire to grow in our areas of study, and I am positive this will help me to reach my full potential.”



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