Meet Incoming Freshman: Syakirah Bte Selamat

By the SMU Digital Marketing Team 

In a rapidly changing world, academic excellence is just the starting point for students aiming to stand out. Employers seek individuals who go beyond book smarts and possess a well-rounded skill set, coupled with a strong sense of community engagement. That’s why SMU is dedicated to nurturing students who are not only intellectually curious but also empathetic, socially responsible, and eager to make a positive impact.

Meet Syakirah Bte Selamat, a dynamic undergraduate joining SMU’s Bachelor of Social Science (Politics, Law and Economics) programme. Syakirah embodies a creative mind and a heart of service. During her time at Temasek Polytechnic, she led numerous community service projects, including the Pro Bono Scheme at the Community Justice Courts.



Don’t let Syakirah’s youthful appearance fool you—her experiences and achievements are remarkable. With a humble spirit, she values being well-rounded and seeks fulfillment in diverse interests. As a testament to her dedication, she has received Edusave awards and earned a place on the Director’s List at Temasek Polytechnic. Syakirah’s passion for learning extends beyond the classroom, demonstrated by her participation in debating and her pursuit of a part-time diploma in Islamic Studies.

What attracted Syakirah to SMU was its commitment to providing a holistic education. The university offers an extensive range of student clubs and emphasises hands-on learning experiences. Syakirah values the practical approach that will give her a competitive edge when she enters the workforce. Furthermore, SMU’s network of industry professionals will enable her to forge valuable connections and gain practical experience before graduation.



But SMU has much more to offer. Alongside its immersive learning environment, SMU boasts a convenient location, state-of-the-art facilities, and a vibrant student life. The campus’s central location simplifies commutes and fosters a strong sense of community. With facilities like the Gymnasium & Fitness Centre, a rooftop pool, and communal living spaces, SMU ensures students have a well-rounded university experience.

Additionally, SMU’s esteemed faculty members are known for their dedication to guiding and mentoring students, ensuring they excel in their respective areas of specialisation. Syakirah eagerly anticipates surrounding herself with like-minded peers who are equally committed to personal growth and academic success.

If you’re looking to experience a transformative education that goes beyond textbooks and lectures, offering comprehensive personal development and practical skills, choose SMU and unlock your potential.

Learn more about Syakirah and her reasons for choosing SMU here.



Gain a deep understanding of global political and economic transformations, and the legal frameworks and contexts within which such changes take place at the SMU School of Social Sciences. Accept your offer before acceptance closes on 24 May 2023!